Sunday, May 31, 2009

Latest Adoption from IDA Deonar

Our beautiful lab -cross (check out her photo on our Adoption Site at has been adopted today by a family in Borivali. She's about 10 months old and was raring to go! She's the smiley type with a wonderful nature to match her good looks. Her IDA family wish her and her new family all the very best.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Up-date on Chocolate

Choco's new guardian brought him back to our Centre the other day. The little pup was looking a bit sorry for himself, not bouncy and cheerful as he usually is. It seems the grown dog in the same house gave him a good shaking-up and Chocolate got into a real state. In the middle of all the larger pups at our Centre, Choco was looking smaller and more afraid than ever, so to buck him up and bring him back to normal, we managed to give him to a willing volunteer to keep in foster care for a short while. As soon as Choco reached her place, he ran to an empty bowl, searching eagerly for some food. Then started playing enthusiastically with some toys that he was provided with.
Now we don't have the heart to send him back to the same house for another confrontation with the great big first pet as Choco is not very brave and aggressive! Here's hoping we soon find a kind guardian for the little fellow. He's really a charming character and will make a truly wonderful companion for the right person.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sponsor dog Snowy

Snowy is our oldest Sponsor dog. A sweet old Pom who was abandoned by his guardians long ago and left on the road to take care of himself. Thankfully he was found by our IDA staff and brought to the Deonar Centre. Snowy is very suspicious of humans and their intentions, but slowly some members of the staff were able to win his confidence. This little white dog really suffered in the terrible heat we experienced this summer. His ears particularly were very badly infected. But with careful treatment given by our vets at the Centre, his ears were cured and he is in a much better state of health.
We are a little worried about Snowy now. He's very, very old and showing every sign of slowing down and leaving us. Till that time, we'll make sure he enjoys his food and has a cool private place at the Centre where he can relax.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Profile of Sponsor dog Bruno

Bruno is from Khargar. He and his family were being hounded by the building Society where they were located. At that time, Bruno was 2 months old. The watchman of the building went after him, his mother and sister with a lathi. Little Bruno's back leg was broken! His mother Rhea was badly beaten on the head. Only his sister Goldie escaped injury. Ms Prassana Menon who stays in the same Society, came to their rescue. She called the police and got the watchman arrested. Bruno, his mother and sister were brought to IDA Deonar, and have been there ever since.

Bruno is now 2 years old, a huge handsome dog with a very pleasant temperament. His mother Rhea is so sweet, that she will share her bowl of food with any dog that comes along. Sister Goldie is very shy and stays away from all the action, hiding in the back compound. She only emerges for meals and is so swift on her feet, that no one can catch her!

Bruno is one of our popular Sponsor dogs and smiles and greets anyone who comes to the Centre. As you can see from the photo, he likes being hugged!! And don't worry about his broken leg - he came to IDA and it's healed perfectly!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

News from the Puppy Pen

News flash: Chocolate has been adopted by Mr. Gaikwad from Chembur. As there is another adult dog already in the family, Choco will have good company. Here's wishing all of them a wonderful future together. Vanilla is still at the Deonar Centre but no need to worry, she's enjoying herself as she waits for her future loving home. Runs round the puppy pen after she has stolen another pup's toy or ball!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

International respect for Chickens Day 4th May

IDA India has posted a petition to Prevent cruelty to chickens during transport in and around Greater Mumbai. Terrible cruelty is meted out to these birds every step of the way, until the moment of slaughter. As our contribution to ameliorate the suffering they go through, we have created this petition to be sent to the Transport Commissioner and the Commissioner of Animal Husbandry, Maharashtra. They have been requested to simply enforce the rules that have been amended in 2001 for the transport of poultry. Please do sign our petition which is on site till 3rd of June 2009. You'll find it at

It's nice to be groomed!

Bruno one of our sponsor dogs is a big hit with the ladies at the IDA Deonar centre. Here's Ginger, giving him a good grooming and of course, Bruno's enjoying the attention!

Our IDA pups were a big hit when they recently went on an outing. The little one spent most of the time fast asleep.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pups for Adoption at IDA Deonar

Chocolate and Vanilla are eagerly waiting to be adopted into loving families. By the time, they are busy eating, playing and lounging about the puppy pen at IDA Deonar Centre. Choc is a boy, feisty and energetic. Vani is a girl -delicate looking and sweet and quite fleet of foot - she runs around the pen if one tries to catch her. But she's quite affectionate and docile when she's being held by anyone. Photographs will soon follow. Or check them out on our IDA India site.