Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spectacular Kittens at Deonar

Couldn't access the blog for some time, so these little ones had to wait to be introduced to the admiring public. You can't see them very well, but each kitten is a work of art. The little white in the first picture has beautiful blue eyes and is very energetic. The grey also has very unusual eyes and a matching coat - black and dark grey stripes. The tiny black has light grey eyes and a jet black coat. In fact, they are so irresistable that the white and black have already been adopted. The grey is in foster care.

By the way, our mature cats just waiting for you at the Centre, are even more spectacular and waiting to be adopted. They are fat and healthy and extremely affectionate as they socialize so much with all of us. So if you are considering whether your animal companion should be a cat, look no further - we have some seriously good-looking felines in need of a comfortable home.