Sunday, August 23, 2009

Count the Kitties

Figured out how many kittens there are milling around in the basket and on the carpet? The total is five - two sets from two different families, all come together for the photo op. We are busy making them a large enclosure to play in and get enough sunshine and exercise. At present they are confined to the large Cat Ward.

Waiting For a Nice Soft Couch to Call my Own

This delicate little creature already looks like a work of art.....and she is sitting in a cage. She would come alive sitting on a windowsill in someone's home, enjoying the morning Sun. If you are reading this, that means you are interested in the welfare of animals and would like to be associated with them. So, go ahead and associate with them. Have you got a small animal companion at home? If not, why haven't you got one yet? There's no earthly reason to deprive yourself of such a precious relationship - the cat or the dog you take into your home is not long lived. It's a short term relationship at best. These small animals only live for 10 to 15 years. Spare that much time in your life to experience this very special friendship. You won't regret it. And remember, at IDA we have the most beautiful cats and the most handsome, pleasant dogs waiting to meet you.

Beautiful Orange Kitty at IDA

We often have pretty little kittens like this coming into our Cat Ward at Deonar. They are so good-looking, they really need a small space in someone's house and they will 'dress up' whatever room they are in. Cats are so quiet, composed and sometimes playful that they are always a joy to look after. Have a look at some of the kittens at our Centre and do consider adopting one of them. They are really very good for your health and state of mind.

Nap Time at IDA Deonar

Some of us like the cool floor and others like to sleep in their very own milk bowl!!
Our two latest cuties at IDA - Aren't they handsome? And they are healthy too. Both of them are in a foster home at present, and yes, they are fun to look after and be with. They are waiting for a loving home . Can you believe? We have many more simply beautiful pups like this at IDA who are there with their mothers. These two in the picture are motherless and in urgent need of a safe and happy home and lots of tender loving care. Think about it!

Another IDA Charmer For Adoption

This beautiful little male pup is about one and a half month old. He's motherless but of a very cheerful disposition. In fact, his Centre name is 'Naughty'. He gets up to mischief all the time even though he is quite small. At present he is in foster care enjoying personalized attention, his toys and good things to eat. He's really good-looking with a beautiful coat and floppy ears.

Sleepyhead For Adoption at IDA

Pintoo is a real charmer, and very, very tired after drinking all his milk. As you can see, he's found the most comfortable bed - this fat little boy has curled up inside one of the milk bowls. He's just one month old, very plump and has pretty light eyes as well. And the pictures tell it all - he just loves to sleep!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Volunteer Bathing Kittens at IDA

As all of us know, kittens should not be bathed, but these five little rascals managed to upset their bowl of milk and get soaked in the same!

So our willing volunteer had to rush with soap, warm water, towels and a hair dryer to get them warm and dry as soon as possible. She did a good job and the kittens were soon purring and warm again.

So if you happen to visit our Centre, please do check on the kittens and see that they are all okay. If you would like to foster one or two or three, feel free! Remember, you are actually giving a little one a chance at staying alive and well, and it's easy to do and most of the time, it's fun!

IDA Pup With his Foster Parents

Meet Pau Kilo. Daniel and Selvi are fostering him for IDA. This little fellow was badly bitten and had a big wound near his front shoulder. Now in Daniel's able hands, and Selvi's loving care, he is comfortable and healing well.

That's what fostering a little animal is all about - extending loving care to a creature that needs it and experiencing such happiness in return. All the best, Pau Kilo!! Get well soon !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Latest Orphan

This handsome doberman is all alone in the world now. He was unfortunate enough to lose his beloved guardian. The rest of the family didn't want him and there was no one to care for him, so we brought him to IDA Deonar for safety and shelter. He is completely traumatised and sad as he doesn't know what is going on and why he's all alone now and without his home.
If anyone is good in dealing with this breed and could do anything to help, do let us know.

Look Who Was Left Outside our Gate!

This beautiful boy was found outside our gate at Deonar. As usual, someone had dumped their unwanted pet as he had developed medical problems. This little chap couldn't walk. All his legs had stopped functioning.
Anyway, our doctors got to work with medicines and heat treatment and in two weeks there he is - standing straight and whenever he gets a chance, bouncing around!!!
What about his collapsed legs? All he required was a little patient medical treatment, lots of love and an enthusiastic group of IDA admirers urging him to walk. He would get so excited when he saw any of us approaching, he would make every effort to get up.
The sad person who abandoned him has lost a truly sweet companion. As for the doggy himself, he has now found his true home with a really caring person and best of all, he has another spaniel for company as well.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

IDA Sponsor Dogs Celebrate Friendship Day!

Here's Bruno, lost in thought! Probably thinking of the sweet girls who came all the way to IDA Deonar to tie Friendship ribbons on their favourite dogs there. The doggies were presented with nice new collars as well and the ribbons along with loving message, were tied to the collars.
All the dogs are enjoying a lot of visits now from the hosts of friends they have made over the years. And if you are not nervous of coming face to face with big guys like this, you are more than welcome to visit IDA and do a little bonding with all the dogs who call it home.

Enjoying the new Laadi Benches

Most of our sponsor dogs use this long verandah for purposes of relaxation! The floor is cool, they have fans above and they can watch all the action going on without getting up.
We thought they would like some laadi benches to sit on and sleep under - and we were right!! That's Keeno, Prema and Noni lolling comfortably on the bench while the other doggy prefers the sheltered 'den' below. Have a look at all of them and our five new benches which we managed to get with the help of a kind and thoughtful Sponsor.