Sunday, December 5, 2010

The All Important "Walk"

A recent activity we've started at Deonar is walking individual dogs. This serves a number of purposes. The ones confined in an enclosure for a prolonged length of time, seriously need some exercise. It is a good bonding activity and allows one to check how obedient any one of the dogs can be. We've started this with our abandoned lot and it is a training aid for their future in somebody's home. The dogs just love to be let out, even if it is on the end of a leash and the walker can make sure that this turns into an exercise period which includes some fun time, namely mingling with the resident dogs at the Centre and making more friends. Also it is one of our favourite volunteer activities. We have many volunteers and lots and lots of dogs to walk!! The very good-looking pom in the picture walks like a dream after only two or three practice sessions.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Introducing Buster

He's just one and a half months old and already a tough guy. He bullies any pup who is a little smaller than him, but takes care to run away and hide a bit when faced with another bully, bigger than him!
He came in with four siblings and his mum when she met with an accident and lost one of her eyes. His brother got adopted a few days ago and is now called Bang Bang. His two sisters became sick and didn't make it. They were just as good-looking as their bro. Buster is probably the strongest of the litter as these are the ones that usually survive.
His mother is doing well and is a real darling with a lovely nature. Hope Buster does well too and gets adopted as soon as possible. He's a great little pup.

Foster Kitties /Pups for Adoption

Looking at these beautiful kittens, all in wonderful health, one can understand why foster care is so important. Some kind people have taken it upon themselves to keep these young ones in their homes until someone else decides to adopt them. Any infant usually thrives under these conditions. Personal care, a roof over their heads and plenty of love and good food - this is what is provided by a foster parent.
What does this type of compassionate person get in return? Plenty. There's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when a little one grows into an energetic youngster full of beans! Looking after a kitten is fun, full stop. Looking after two together is hilarious as they play, collapse for their instant naps and eat in complete unison. The best moment comes when the little one actually gets a home with a loving family.
The little fatties in the pictures following were not so lucky. They are both at our Deonar Centre with their injured moms. That's not a bad thing as they can still enjoy their mother's milk which helps to build up their immune system. But they are in real danger of becoming sick, just due to the presence of hundreds of other dogs who come in for the ABC operation. It's pups like these who are in need of foster care to give them a good chance at staying alive and well and getting a good home as soon as possible. So if you have the time, some patience and the inclination, go ahead and become a foster parent. It's for a short while and it's extremely important, rewarding work.

Cured of Paralysis at Deonar

This sweet little girl arrived at the Deonar Centre as a paralysis case. She used to drag her hind legs behind her with some difficulty. We've recently started treating our resident animals with homeopathic medicine, administering it to whoever is in need. It's proved to be very effective in a number of cases, one being this little pup. She's using both her hind legs in a normal fashion now. In fact, she plays boisterously, running up and down the puppy pen with the other active pups.
The other picture just shows her in another mood. Playing with her toy tiger inside her small cage. Only hope someone has the good sense to adopt her. She's a very friendly pup and her paralysis has been cured!

Baby Sitting is Fun At IDA Deonar

This has to be one of the most pleasurable activities or 'tasks' at IDA Deonar.
Bonding with one or two of these little ones is pure bliss. Do hope the little ones enjoy it as much as the baby-sitters seem to! But actually this is a really important
part of preparing each infant to trust and be happy in the company of humans. The more the merrier! Most of the babies in the pics have been adopted by now, but there is always a steady supply of pups and kittens you can help us with. Firstly by fostering one or two of them so that they are safe and sound in a real house, or if that is not possible, come and hold them a bit. Take them into the garden and let them play in the sun under your watchful eye. You can even help to bathe and feed them.
Lots and lots of enjoyable work available for which we need lots of help. Best thing is, it's fun!