Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chunnabatti Cruelty Case: the IDA India Response

On the 1st of August this year, we had got a call to rescue a dog who had been brutally attacked with a cleaver which had split his back wide open. He was rushed to our Deonar Centre and his treatment started in earnest. He slowly recovered, the wound healed and he was ready for release on 13th October '12. This is when our IDA India team led by Naina Athale of IDA, swung into action. They used the return of this dog to launch an exercise in spreading awareness and compassion. A hand-out had been carefully prepared in English and also the local language, Marathi. It was to be distributed to prevent such cruelty from happening again. For two and a half hours, the team went all around, meeting various types of people from the locality. It was a wonderful exercise in reaching out to the community and sensitizing the people of the locality to look out and care for their local stray animals. There was a very positive response from the locals and one school boy collected a number of the hand-outs to distribute in his school. The perpetrator of the cruelty had long since been hounded out of the place by the locals. The dog is back where he belongs, healthy, safe and sound. And hopefully all those who the IDA team reached out to have learned a much-needed lesson in kindness and compassion.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Two IDA Pups in Foster Care

In the last post you could see the injured white mother dog with her one pup. We were fortunate enough to get a foster home for the other pup and he is doing well in foster care. Wish there were more considerate people around like this couple. They are enjoying the little fellow's company and he has a chance at a life now. Don't know about his brother, but at least that baby still has his mom for comfort. Alfie also is thriving in foster care. Check him out in his pink basin. He likes to relax in the middle of his toys after playing with all of them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Little Ones With Moms

Recently a batch of dogs were rescued and brought in to our Deonar Centre. Some criminal had thrown boiling water on them and some of the dogs were badly burnt. The white mother you can see in the picture, was one of them, and she had 4 little ones with her. She had a huge wound about 12 inches across on her back. It has healed very well with care and treatment and you can see the small injury that is still left. Of her 4 pups, two passed away after catching infections, one was fostered and the little one you can see is still with her and happy to be with his mom. The black dog also came in with 6 pups and now has only one left who she looks after very carefully. It is sad when pups die and these two mothers were not operated and had to suffer the loss of their little ones. The only consolation is that, in our care, they are happy and content for the rest of their short lives. They are fed and housed and petted and even manage to play with each other while the going is good. After all, they are just normal, happy-go-lucky little puppies. These were lucky enough to have their moms around.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Muffin, Alfie and Nemo

Muffin the little adopted dog from our Deonar Centre and Alfie the foster pup, living at present together in the same house, get along like a house on fire. They play together with whatever toys are available when they are not playing "Catch" during which Alfie runs like the wind away from Muffin and when she catches up, hides under the nearest piece of furniture. It is hilarious to watch them at play. Here they are with their stuffed fish, Nemo, both trying to pull him away from the other. In the other pic, Alfie, who is very observant, always notices when a photo is being taken and looks alert during the photo op. He looks so angelic in his pics, although he is actually a little devil!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet Pintoo the New Spitz at Deonar

This lovely little dog was rescued from the road with a small maggot wound on his hind quarters. He has a very friendly outlook and also a cute snub nose. He is tiny and very light weight and absolutely charming. You can see all this from his photos. Hope he gets a good home soon. He loves people and will make someone a wonderful companion. He is about 3 to 4 years old with no health problems.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Muffin and Alfie the Foster Pup

Remember Alfie the foster pup yo saw in an earlier post? He's growing well and has made great friends with the resident dog in his foster home. She is a small little terrier type who was rescued by IDA India last year at the height of the monsoon when she was abandoned on the streets. She's safe and sound now and is a very happy dog: a real pleasure to have around the house. Alfie is her great pal and they both chase each other around the house, play with their toys together and generally have a ball. Alfie's horrible injury has healed well and soon he will go to his new home. He's a great litle pup.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

IDA India Pre-Divali Jumble Sale

The Sale was held at our lovely venue in Bandra and was a great success. This was solely due to our wonderful volunteers you can see in the pictures below. Our merchandise again proved to be very popular and we had a lot of other items on sale as well. One kind person had donated a brand new Mixer still sealed in the pack!! The venue is Goodicia Vaidya's Office and she has a number of lovely resident cats and dogs whose space we had occupied for two days. They didn't mind and we loved having them around snoozing on the floor and on the merchandise! By the way, our new calender is about to be ready for sale just before Divali. It is truly fabulous, at least we think so! Will give a glimpse of the cover in another post.