Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Little Patients

Displaying pictures of just a few of the young ones in the Puppy Pen and the Kitten Ward. These are all stray animals brought in by some kind soul or the other because they have suffered an injury on the road or are showing some signs of serious sickness. Without exception, they are mostly all very young and the roadside is the most inhospitable place for them to be. Injuries and sickness is inevitable - usually from the entire litter, the strongest one will survive. The small pup being held so gently is in dire need of a loving touch. He is without his mother, the worst thing that can happen to a small animal. He has been deprived of the most important and nutritious food in the world, for him, his mother's milk. This is why, the very young usually don't even have a fighting chance of surviving for very long if they are sick. They have no immunity and are suseptible to all types of diseases. The small group fooling about, however, are survivors. The small black one in the forground has fully recovered and has since gone back to his locality and is being looked after by his well-wisher. The other two are also healing and go into play mode every day at intervals. We allow the little ones who are not infectious to get a little exercise in the middle of the enclosure where they play for some time. The kitten is quite healthy except for a small injury on one back leg. This type of patient has to leave the premises as quickly as possible to stay healthy and alive. We try to get such little ones adopted, making an effort practically on a war footing. Remember, we need a lot of help from our friends.