Monday, January 25, 2010

Sami's in Finland!

Remember Sami? Found on the most dangerous curve on the Naag Baba Road between Powai and Kailash Plaza when he was just 2 weeks old, this great little dog has finally reached Finland and is now safe in his new home with his loving family. It took 6 months to work through the strict EU regulations, but with a lot of help and boundless enthusiasm shown by the person who wanted to adopt him, Sami finally reached Helsinki.

He's cool with the snow - check out his winter gear, but he loves to race around and around inside the house to get warmed up. The whole family adores him and he has even made friends with the resident dog, Onni, who lets him share his toys.

His IDA family wishes this sweet little dog all the very best always.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pup in Foster Care

This sweet little girl had a bad accident on the road which damaged one eye beyond repair. In fact, she suffered injuries to both the legs on the same side as the eye and also developed a hernia. This is what little ones have to face - the terrible danger of living on the side of the road. She's in foster care now and living as comfortable a life as possible. She's sitting near her toy cheetah who she likes to wrestle with. Next picture - she likes to sneak into the basket of the biggest dog in the same house when he vacates it temporarily. Needless to say, he gives her a good shout when he gets back and discovers who's been sleeping in his bed!!

She even tries to get in when he's in the basket but is strictly not allowed!

Mealtime at Deonar

Check out our renovated kitchen. This amount of food has to be prepared everyday, and it's a lot. Got lots and lots of hungry mouths to feed!! Dinner is quite an orderly business - everybody waits quite patiently until the bowls are set out in lines, food is filled in each and then each dog goes to one bowl, with a little help from his/her human friends. And no, the dogs don't fight. They are quite used to the drill now and everybody manages to eat a full meal in peace.

Deonar OPD - Dr. Nitin in Action

The OPD is located at one of the most pleasant spots in Deonar - under the trees, near the puppy pen. Conducted for a couple of hours every morning, there is always a queue waiting for treatment and the patients are quite diverse. Our vets have to treat dogs, cats, goats and even hens sometimes. Needless to say, all are welcome!

An IDA Volunteer from the USA

This is Abby. She was interested in doing volunteer work at our Centres and came all the way from the US. Here she is in the puppy pen - a favourite place for visitors. She proved to be of real assistance as she was qualified to do veterinary work since she has been studying veterinary subjects from school itself. She is even experienced at working with and helping to treat large animals like horses.

Selvi in the Puppy Pen

At IDA bathing the inmates is quite a formidable task - there are so many puppies and dogs at any given time, anyone who is visiting the Centre or willing, is roped in to bathe one or two animals. Baths are given on a rotation basis - dogs need to be bathed once every 10 days or so. Or in emergencies, like when they have been rolling in the mud (!) they are given a good bath. For Selvi, working at IDA, it is all in a day's work and the puppy in the water looks as if he quite likes what is going on. Actually, it's the rubdown with the towel after the bath that they like best!
Want to give a dog a bath? Do come. All are welcome!!

Bathtime for Puppies

This young volunteer from Finland has been visiting our Deonar Centre regularly and is most enthusiastic about helping out with all the animals there. Here she is giving some grubby pups a good sponge as they all had arrived at the Centre covered in mud. Their mum, sitting on the ledge, seems to approve of the goings on!

"It's nice to relax after our bath!"