Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At Work in the Kitten Enclosure

We got a good group in at our Deonar Centre this Sunday to help out with the animals. The oldies were visited and medicated and talked to, pups were fed and cuddled and last but not least, the kittens were visited. The kitten enclosure has been expanded to double it's size. It is not very big but quite comfortable for the small patients. Some of them are well enough to run about and play with paper balls and most of them love eating. Here they are being fed by many kind hands.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

World House Sparrow Day

Sparrows are such special little birds that this is a wonderful day to celebrate. The sad fact is that they also in many areas of the world, heading for extinction due to rapid urbanisation and so many other reasons. One group that is going all out to see to their welfare is the Nature Forever Society founded by a young man Mohammed Dilawar who has worked for years for the protection and care of sparrows in the wild. You can get all sorts of helpful suggestions if you go onto the website of this organisation, and this is the day you can decide to start helping out. These small birds need our help.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Foster continued..

Here's the photo with Muffin the house dog. Got left out in the last post. Muffin has got used to baby-sitting any new foster. She's a sweet tempered little dog who was actually abandoned by some mindless person in 2011

The Latest Foster Pup

He was found on the road outside Chembur Gas Garage when he was just about a month old. Whisked into a foster home, he soon proved to be the adventurous type, climbing the side of his little enclosure to effect a successful escape! We don't keep these healthy little ones at the Deonar Centre as it is not safe enough them. It contains upto 500 adult strays at any given time, there for their spay/neuter operation, and it is not a suitable place for infant animals. Here's the little chap, 6 weeks old by himself, and with the house dog, Muffin. Looking good.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Baths at Deonar Centre

It's great when we have volunteers come in to help with the huge load of hands-on work at the Deonar Centre and today we had wonderful people helping out. Neem sponges were given to 7 of our blind dogs suffering from mange, 3 pups and 3 resident dogs enjoyed full scale baths, the puppy pen interior was attended to and a large number of these little ones were fed a meal. Since our Puppy Pen Asst has been missing for a number of days, this was much appreciated. The young man who came to help, even watered the small garden to keep it cool for the pups to sit in and the young ladies attended to the kitten feeding. Tomorrow we have invited volunteers to help out as well. Weekends are very convenient! Do hope a sizeable number turn up.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Charming Golu

One of the most charming pups you ever met was rescued the other day and brought into the puppy pen. He is so plump and happy that we named him Golu. His entire family had suffered in a roadside accident, two siblings had been killed and Golu had suffered a fracture of the back leg. This did not make him lose his appetite or stop his little tail from wagging. He has slowly recovered and is now back with his mom, yes, on the road. But she has done such a good job at bringing him up, that we thought it was the safest place for him to be and he is very very happy!