Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baskets, Buckets and Basins

What would we do without all these handy plastic containers and carriers? In the blue basket along with a milk bottle included for good measure, you see two little pups from a litter of seven. Their mother had been run over just about 5 days ago, and these two are on their way to a new home. We wish them all the very best.
The tiny male pup in the bucket is as cute as can be. He lost the use of his little hind legs. We have been treating him with the homeopathic medicine and are happy to report that he is almost running about now. Another lovely candidate for adoption.
The last cosy group in the basin, have also lost their mum. They are fat and sweet, poor thing, she did a good job as usual feeding them and making them grow until she passed away. They are the bonny baby type and it is our job to keep them that way.
Needless to say, they find the basin very comfortable as all of them squash into it for a good snooze after their last feed.

Lost Little Lhasa

She has not actually been lost. She was simply dumped. Why? She has cateract in one eye. She was brought by some concerned youngsters to our Deonar Centre at the height of the Monsoon. She was soaking wet and covered in mud. Now she loves to soak up the sun in the garden.

You couldn't ask for more pleasant -natured dog. How could anyone abandon or manage to lose her? By the way, she has all her teeth, has a nice white / grey fluffy coat and is quite frisky and good-natured. If anyone would like to take care of her, please do contact us at IDA Deonar. Until then, she is waiting for you. One of the sweetest dogs I've ever come across.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meet the Fosters

Ginger the foster pup has a companion in his foster home. This little black kitten came into the Centre lying on it's side helplessly, it's four legs making a cycling movement in the air and it's head thrown right back at an unnatural angle. Being too ill to survive the night at the Centre, it was immediately taken into foster care, the only home available at the time being Ginger's foster home.
With brisk towel rubbing, homeopathic medicine and some stretching exercise for her limbs, this little one sprang back to life and in twenty-four hours was running up the curtains! She and Ginger are great friends and can be seen sharing a place on the couch. She even shares Ginger's toys and like to cuddle up to his blue teddy bear.
Now both of them are waiting for suitable homes.

Essential Bonding

The tiny animals being attended too benefit greatly by being handled gently by kind human hands. Before being taken into the garden by our volunteers, the two little ones were lying quietly in their small enclosures, probably missing their mothers terribly.
Carried into the garden, they are given a good brushing, administered a lot of TLC and also get some much needed sun and fresh air. This little outing does them a world of good. The small pup in the first picture is being vigorously dried and combed after a much-needed bath. The little one in the second picture is terribly injured and just loves being picked up for his little adventure in the garden with a loving companion. He won't last long, but while he's with us, we will take care to see that he has some fun times in his little life.
Our volunteers need some guidance, that's all. This visit and bonding with the young is extremely good for all concerned.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Hard-Working Volunteer

Payal is a busy student, interning as a Physio-therapist. She has made it a point to make time on her one holiday, Sunday, to come and help with the pups and other animals at IDA Deonar. You can see her in the small garden.
Our young paralyzed dog needs to be supported and exercised with the help of a sling. You can see Payal busy in the first two pictures. Before that, she had given the same dog a good massage with the ointment he needed. Talk about enthusiastic hard work!!
Last picture, a small pup is getting a much needed grooming, massage and as large dose of TLC.
Needless to say, it did him a world of good.
Good for you, Payal. Keep up the very good work and may your tribe increase!

A Tiny Foster Goes Home

In the first picture you can see all four siblings. They came into our Deonar Centre as they had lost their mother. The little one below was lucky. She went straight into a foster home and stayed there for almost three weeks. She was a delight to watch. Very tiny but so naughty that she had to be watched constantly.
After a fun time in her foster home, she got adopted and now is with her loving new companions in her 'forever' home. She is now safe, secure and happy and the people who adopted her are very happy too.
Her siblings were at the Centre for about a week. It's really hard to find foster homes but we keep trying. Why? Because otherwise it is very difficult to keep such tiny animals alive in the middle of hundreds of other stray animals at a Shelter. They didn't make it. At least one did.
Don't forget, do an infant animal a favour and keep it in foster care at your home. Yes, you have the place, A kitten specially is no trouble at all. And when it is adopted, you will have had the wonderful satisfaction of having saved a little life.
Just try it. You will never regret it.