Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goodbye Lucky

We lost our sweet little Lucky last week. He had come to the Centre about four years ago with crippled hind legs due to some trauma to his back. After treatment from our Vets, he was able to walk about quite fast without discomfort and soon made a fast friend. Waghmare, our IDA employee incharge of cooking the animals food every day, became very attached to this little dog and vice versa. Lucky could always be seen sitting in the doorway of the kitchen, strategically located!
Lucky also had a Guardian Angel who specially chose him to look after. So this little chap has a large number of people who loved and cared for him. He was sick for a few days and then quietly passed away.
Goodbye Lucky. You were a great little guy and it was lovely knowing you.

A Lazy Monsoon Day

The ground is so wet during the monsoons that all the residents at Deonar like to stay away from the soggy surface - the higher the better! The two in the first picture are comfortably sitting on the Out Patients table. Not in use just now as it is raining and the 'inside' one is better at present for examining visiting patients.
On the bench, lies Keeno, the little brown dog who is very fond of that particular spot on this particular bench. It's just outside the office, on the porch, protected from the rain and Keeno quietly takes up position every day and watches the world go by, except for mealtimes, when she descends to earth! In the last picture, she has been pushed to the other end by one of our oldies. Bet she doesn't like it one bit!

Pixie Helping out in the Deonar Office

Preeti is busy at work on the computer in the Deonar Office, and sitting comfortably in the chair next to her is our sweet little Pixie. It's raining, so Pixie decided to help out in the office. How does she do it? Her very presence spreads good cheer around and makes all the humans present smile. Pixie also recommends the plastic chair she's sitting on - it's so comfortable that she is seldom found on the ground! As soon as the sun appears, she makes a bee-line for the warmest spot on the platform outside the office building and gets busy taking a nice sun bath. That's our Pixie for you!

Lalu Feeling Sorry for Himself

Our Mr. Smiley, Lalu, was a bit subdued and looking sad. He had scratched his ear, leading to a swelling which had to be operated. He had to be put in an enclosure for some time, so he was quite miserable. The good news is, the ear healed quickly and Lalu is almost back to normal now. Here he is standing with old Chango beside him. Lalu is a doggy with simple needs. All he requires now is for someone to pat him on the head and he'll soon be smiling again.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturdays Are Party Days at Deonar!

Every Saturday, a group of youngsters with the wonderful name "Animals Matter to Me", come to our Deonar Centre with all sorts of goodies for all the animals housed at IDA. Ganesh Nayak, the young man who started this organisation, AMTM, spends the week collecting various types of food and other items that are sorely needed at the Centre. For a couple of hours every Saturday, these young people spend their time helping with the large scale feeding, checking out all the animals, including the very young. They also help with adoptions, and two Saturdays running, a couple of kittens have been adopted by one or the other of those present.
It's a treat for our animals all round. They love the company, and the company loves to interact with them! In the first picture you can see what a variety of items they manage to bring in, and in the second, you can see the interaction itself.
And this happens every Saturday without fail, come rain or sunshine!