Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Foster Pups Sandy and Tutu

These two are really cute little tykes and were rescued from beneath a bush when it was pouring with rain. They both had maggot wounds on paw and mouth and it was fortunate that they were rescued in time.
Both are now bright eyed and bushy tailed after treatment from our vets at IDA and because they have been kept in a safe house in foster care. This is just what our tinies need to give them a start at a good life. Foster care. They thrive when they are kept as safe as any healthy baby, well fed, warm and safe in their foster home. This is where they can safely wait to be adopted and that's the next step we get busy with.
In the home, they can be easily trained to 'go' in the proper place - check out the newspaper in the first picture. They quickly learn to relieve themselves in the correct area, no matter how small they are.
Sandy has a lovely fluffy black brown coat and Tutu is beautiful with her shiny black fur.
Both are waiting to be adopted. Wish them luck!

Meet the Contestants!

Taking part in our competitions on Homeless Animals Day, you can see our first nominee for Most Goodlooking Male dog, Bruno, in the first picture.
Our lovely Prema took part in the most good-natured dog category and was a close runner-up to the winner, Lalu, our Mr Smiley! Little Sanju was one of the contestants for Prettiest Female and in the last picture, you can see the smallest winner Daisy, adjudged cutest puppy, along with her sister, Lulu who is the pup on the left. Both the sisters are just one month old and at present in foster care. (Their mum was run over by a truck when they were just 5 days old.)
We were happy that quite a few people made it to Deonar on this day to spend some time with all the animals who are all 'homeless'. We are also happy that a couple of them were adopted a few days after this particular function was held and are therefore no longer homeless!!

Homeless Animals Day at Deonar

Saturday, 21st August was International Homeless Animals' Day. At our Deonar Centre, we observed this day by felicitating three 'Champions for Animals', who are quite fearless and tireless in seeing to the welfare and protection of all the animals they encounter on a daily basis. They are Lata Anklekar, Durga Rai and Muneira Sheikh. They can be seen receiving certificates and gifts from IDA President Fizzah Shah.
Our animal friends were not forgotten. We held a competition for Most Good-looking male dog, Prettiest female, Most Friendly dog and Cutest Pup. Big handsome Jackie won in the first category. Our shy Ms Blackie won in the second, Lalu won hands down - he really is most friendly - in the third and Paplu and one month old Daisy, tied for the title of Cutest Pup.
Needless to say, a good time was had by all!

Sun Bathing on the IDA Roof Top Retreat

This is the roof of our shelter cats' cage. We have a beautiful collection of mature cats, abandoned at our Centre itself by unscrupulous people. They are all in a long and large enclosure, but we have made a small opening at the top and they all soon discovered the escape hatch. They just love strolling about the roof tops at the Centre and all come back through the opening as soon as dinner is served!
As soon as there is some sun (we are enjoying the monsoon rains at present), most of the cats make a beeline for the roof, which gets nice and warm. They spend the whole morning lazing on this 'sun deck', in a state of bliss!
If you are interested in a people friendly cat, who is lazy and gorgeous, come check them out. And yes, you can take one home if you like, you will never regret it. They are just beautiful, and very, very appealing.

Fun in the Puppy Enclosure

The seated young men in the photos are regular Saturday morning visitors to IDA Deonar. All the kids at their school were told to choose one NGO to work with and learn about, and they chose us. Of course the pups' room is their favourite place of all and they can always be found there. All the pups give them a most enthusiastic welcome every time they arrive.
On Homeless Animals Day, 21st August, the boys brought along their little brothers as well to join all of us on this day which we observed in a special way at our Centre, along with all the homeless animals we have there.