Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sun Bathing on the IDA Roof Top Retreat

This is the roof of our shelter cats' cage. We have a beautiful collection of mature cats, abandoned at our Centre itself by unscrupulous people. They are all in a long and large enclosure, but we have made a small opening at the top and they all soon discovered the escape hatch. They just love strolling about the roof tops at the Centre and all come back through the opening as soon as dinner is served!
As soon as there is some sun (we are enjoying the monsoon rains at present), most of the cats make a beeline for the roof, which gets nice and warm. They spend the whole morning lazing on this 'sun deck', in a state of bliss!
If you are interested in a people friendly cat, who is lazy and gorgeous, come check them out. And yes, you can take one home if you like, you will never regret it. They are just beautiful, and very, very appealing.

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