Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet Trixie: For Adoption

Trixie is standing on a table in our newly renovated Puppy Pen at our ABC Centre in Deonar. She is one of a litter of four tiny pups who came to the Centre when their mom died in an accident in Pen. One of the pups didn't make it, but Trixie's two sisters have already been adopted into lovely homes. Now Trix is waiting for her turn. Isn't she gorgeous? She is also highly intelligent and very very healthy.

Friday, June 14, 2013

There is a very dog-friendly Garage in Chembur called Ravi's Garage. The other day the young workers had brought in a pup with a broken leg,- it had been run over by a vehicle. The pup's name is Mechanic and he and his bro and sis are looked after by the men at this garage and fed by them. The Owner of the garage buys the milk supply for the pups on a daily basis. The pups look very good with all the care lavished on them. They all came to Deonar when Mechanic had to get his caste put on.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Coping With the Rains at Deonar Centre

The Puppy Pen as usual was leaking all over the place and we have to keep these little ones dry. Someone had the brilliant idea of covering two small enclosures with an old door. This worked perfectly and all the pups needed were their small basins to sit in and they were fine. Bablu is a big boy and he and the other bigger pups took shelter under our shelf/table - the absolutely dry place in the Pen. They all have space inside and are fine with each other's company. Hope all our infants have an easy monsoon.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Kitten That Fell From the Sky

Yesterday, the unbelievable happened. Yes, a kitten did fall from the sky as a crow flew over our Deonar Centre, holding the little thing in it's beak! We at once wrapped it up in a warm towel and proceeded to feed it as it was crying loudly. It was newly born as it still had it's umblical cord attached. Thankfully we keep tiny kitten-size bottles and this little one was eager to feed. She went to sleep after that and we had to decide what to do next. Each of us offered to take her home at night one at a time. But then we found out a post on fb mentioning that someone had a lactating mother cat at home and he could take care of any orphan kitten. We contacted the person and he agreed to take our tiny kit. So after falling from the sky, our Office Asst Crystal carried her on a Harbour Line train upto Belapur where she was met by Anand and his wife who had come to take the kitten to Khargar where they stay. The last we heard was that the mother Reethi has totally accepted our tiny kitten. Couldn't think of a happier ending to this story if I tried!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mother and Pups at Deonar Centre

The worst possible fate for a small family like this is to be unnecessarily brought into a Centre like this to be housed in the middle of hundreds of other dogs not to mention dozens of cats as well. This beautiful dog was declared aggressive but as one can see from the picture, she is anything but. She is absolutely laid back, cool and friendly, so somebody fibbed to get her into our place. The biggest problem is, she has 8 pups born just about 10 days ago. What will happen now is that she has to be confined for upto 2 months until she is ready to be operated. There is no way her pups can survive. That's why all of us get upset when this type of family is brought in. Our only consolation is that we try to keep each and every animal in our care, happy, well nourished and cared for.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Want to apologize as I couldn't access the blog for some time due to technical reasons. So here goes, back again and posting once more. The other day, the Founder of IDA india, Ms Sudnya Patkar visited the Deonar Centre. She is the person responsible for starting this organisation 17 + years ago and thanks to her hard work, persistance and courage, our organisation is what it is today. We have managed over the long years to benefit, treat and care for countless animals, reach out to the public in as many ways as possible to spread awareness and the concept of compassion and kindness towards all living creatures and to try an prevent any form of cruelty. We have done all this under Sudnya's guidance. Here she is outside the Blind Ward at Deonar, talking to our Vet Dr Nitin, and all the old, blind dogs present.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Very Happy Release

Usually when injured cats are brought in by concerned people, a big problem crops up when they are ready for release. It is often very difficult to coordinate the release for stray cats and they end up spending lots of extra days at the Centre. Very expensive for us and quite dangerous for the cat as it might pick up some sickness while waiting so long. Yesterday was special, because these kind people came themselves to take back the cat as it was quite recovered and ready to go. Here they are with Manager Krishna just before leaving with the cat.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At Work in the Kitten Enclosure

We got a good group in at our Deonar Centre this Sunday to help out with the animals. The oldies were visited and medicated and talked to, pups were fed and cuddled and last but not least, the kittens were visited. The kitten enclosure has been expanded to double it's size. It is not very big but quite comfortable for the small patients. Some of them are well enough to run about and play with paper balls and most of them love eating. Here they are being fed by many kind hands.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

World House Sparrow Day

Sparrows are such special little birds that this is a wonderful day to celebrate. The sad fact is that they also in many areas of the world, heading for extinction due to rapid urbanisation and so many other reasons. One group that is going all out to see to their welfare is the Nature Forever Society founded by a young man Mohammed Dilawar who has worked for years for the protection and care of sparrows in the wild. You can get all sorts of helpful suggestions if you go onto the website of this organisation, and this is the day you can decide to start helping out. These small birds need our help.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Foster continued..

Here's the photo with Muffin the house dog. Got left out in the last post. Muffin has got used to baby-sitting any new foster. She's a sweet tempered little dog who was actually abandoned by some mindless person in 2011

The Latest Foster Pup

He was found on the road outside Chembur Gas Garage when he was just about a month old. Whisked into a foster home, he soon proved to be the adventurous type, climbing the side of his little enclosure to effect a successful escape! We don't keep these healthy little ones at the Deonar Centre as it is not safe enough them. It contains upto 500 adult strays at any given time, there for their spay/neuter operation, and it is not a suitable place for infant animals. Here's the little chap, 6 weeks old by himself, and with the house dog, Muffin. Looking good.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Baths at Deonar Centre

It's great when we have volunteers come in to help with the huge load of hands-on work at the Deonar Centre and today we had wonderful people helping out. Neem sponges were given to 7 of our blind dogs suffering from mange, 3 pups and 3 resident dogs enjoyed full scale baths, the puppy pen interior was attended to and a large number of these little ones were fed a meal. Since our Puppy Pen Asst has been missing for a number of days, this was much appreciated. The young man who came to help, even watered the small garden to keep it cool for the pups to sit in and the young ladies attended to the kitten feeding. Tomorrow we have invited volunteers to help out as well. Weekends are very convenient! Do hope a sizeable number turn up.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Charming Golu

One of the most charming pups you ever met was rescued the other day and brought into the puppy pen. He is so plump and happy that we named him Golu. His entire family had suffered in a roadside accident, two siblings had been killed and Golu had suffered a fracture of the back leg. This did not make him lose his appetite or stop his little tail from wagging. He has slowly recovered and is now back with his mom, yes, on the road. But she has done such a good job at bringing him up, that we thought it was the safest place for him to be and he is very very happy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Orphan Puppy Rascal

Meet Rascal, the biggest badmaash in the puppy pen although he happens to be the smallest puppy there! In the garden he turns into a veritable whirlwind and runs around attacking fallen leaves, little twigs and small bushes. He looks like a small thug. His front leg was a bit weak and shaky but all is well now and nothing can stop him. He tries to take on all the big guys in the puppy pen, just ignores the ones as small as him. But for all that, he is a real cutie pie, like all the rest of them. He had to be placed high up on the garden bench for the photo op otherwise his picture wouldn't be here!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Visitors From France

We had some visitors at Deonar on Thursday. They had come all the way from France and as they had already sponsored two of our dogs, they were keen to visit the Centre. They had a lot of trouble just trying to reach, but once there, they enjoyed the visit. They were first greeted by Balu, then Muffin andof course, Dr. Shashikant and myself were also there to do the honours.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kitten in Distress

The IDA India blog hasn't been updated for quite long as I was on vacation for some weeks. Back again now and on the first day of my return, work started in earnest. I heard loud calls of distress and went downstairs to investigate. Our buildings are being painted and a poor kitten had fallen into a bucket of paint. When I rescued her, the paint was quite dry so she must have fallen in a few days previously and also ingested some of the paint as cats lick themselves to get clean. Managed to remove some of the large swaths of paint by combing and then carefully cutting off the fur with scissors but she still has a lot of paint here and there. She is now in our Deonar Centre and the Vet's advice was to let her fur grow a bit and then cut off the remaining painted areas. Hope she makes it. She's a sweet little thing. If anyone wants to adopt her, please let us know!