Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Kitten That Fell From the Sky

Yesterday, the unbelievable happened. Yes, a kitten did fall from the sky as a crow flew over our Deonar Centre, holding the little thing in it's beak! We at once wrapped it up in a warm towel and proceeded to feed it as it was crying loudly. It was newly born as it still had it's umblical cord attached. Thankfully we keep tiny kitten-size bottles and this little one was eager to feed. She went to sleep after that and we had to decide what to do next. Each of us offered to take her home at night one at a time. But then we found out a post on fb mentioning that someone had a lactating mother cat at home and he could take care of any orphan kitten. We contacted the person and he agreed to take our tiny kit. So after falling from the sky, our Office Asst Crystal carried her on a Harbour Line train upto Belapur where she was met by Anand and his wife who had come to take the kitten to Khargar where they stay. The last we heard was that the mother Reethi has totally accepted our tiny kitten. Couldn't think of a happier ending to this story if I tried!

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