Monday, April 18, 2011

Good-looking IDA Pups

The two smooth coated pups are at our Centre with their Mom. There are five siblings in all and all were brought in looking very shaky and sick. Our efforts are paying off. Pups and kittens at any shelter have a tough time staying healthy, there are so many other animals around, and these little ones had to be brought back to good health. In fact two of the little ones were showing signs of distemper when they were brought in and sadly, they didn't make it. The rest of the family however, are fine. We do try our best to figure out how to keep all our little ones alive and well and in good health.

The large pup has been with us for some time now. He was brought in with mange and a swollen throat. Our care and treatment worked and now he is one of the most handsome pups in the puppy pen. He also has a lovely nature and is a smiley type.

If you are lonely and looking for a wonderful companion, look no further. Any one of these pups is ready and willing to love you for life. Also your health will benefit greatly. You can walk with your friend, talk to your friend and have a whale of a time in general as pups (and dogs) are very playful and happy creatures when they are loved enough.

Another Miracle Happening

Here he is in his favourite place of all - in the garden on the patch of grass, playing with a fallen leaf. He's our handsme black male pup, if you didn't recognise him straight away. He was the only pup not responding to the special medication for paralysis cases. Today, however, was different. It was a heart-stopping moment. Suddenly he raised his hind quarters and came racing across the puppy enclosure to play with a group that was across the room! He has started wagging his tail! His movements are still awkward but there's life in those hind legs.

We had decided to give him a stronger dose of what the other paralysed pups have been taking and it seems to be working. The most beautiful sight today, was this little chap raising his butt four inches above the ground as he relieved himself. Let's all send out collective good vibes for him to make it back to normal. He's one of the most high spirited pups in the pen.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pups in the Pen

Like any other jailbird, our pups at Deonar just love to 'escape' their small enclosures and enjoy the freedom of the wide open space in the centre of the large room. The modus operandi is - howl your head off until someone takes you out of the small 'pen'. It works! But as soon as they are taken out, most of them flop down and have a snooze - all that howling is very tiring. The charming black pup likes to be alone and has chosen the perfect spot. But then, it's nice to play also, after all they are puppies. So it's a good rough wrestling match for the other two until they are tired enough for another welcome nap.

Tiny Tim in the Garden

This little chap is only a little bigger than the crow he's looking at! He's about one and a half years old and was found in a most bedraggled condition on the street. He was rescued and brought to the Deonar Centre. It took very long to clean him up but as you can see, the efforts were successful.

He's really small and has the sweetest nature, not at all usual for a dog of this type. Upto now he's been very quiet and very very good. Likes to potter around the garden after he's combed and brushed. He's on the adoption site so do check him out and see his cheeky little face! Do help us to get him into a really loving home. Can't bear the thought of this little angel being treated roughly or discarded again.

Kitten News

Check out what the kitten on the garden bench is doing - exactly what kittens and cats love to do, relax in the sun on a nice warm bench. In this case it was more than welcome, this little one has paralysed back legs. After a good sponge and cleanup, a session with the hair dryer to make him nice and dry and warm him up, he is given a gentle massage of the back legs and helped to stretch and move them. The biggest danger in such cases is the slow atrophy of the limb in question. Stretching and bending helps to keep the limb supple. Anyway, he has a nice time sitting on the bench, watching the world go by. He even attempts to wash himself clean.

The other two little spots you can see in the blue basket, are two tiny day old kittens in foster care. They have to always be kept warm and cosy and they make sure that they are in as comfortable a sleeping position as possible. The escape artist you can see is really hungry and making sure everyone knows it! Only three days old and he climbed that height in two seconds flat!!