Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Miracle Happening

Here he is in his favourite place of all - in the garden on the patch of grass, playing with a fallen leaf. He's our handsme black male pup, if you didn't recognise him straight away. He was the only pup not responding to the special medication for paralysis cases. Today, however, was different. It was a heart-stopping moment. Suddenly he raised his hind quarters and came racing across the puppy enclosure to play with a group that was across the room! He has started wagging his tail! His movements are still awkward but there's life in those hind legs.

We had decided to give him a stronger dose of what the other paralysed pups have been taking and it seems to be working. The most beautiful sight today, was this little chap raising his butt four inches above the ground as he relieved himself. Let's all send out collective good vibes for him to make it back to normal. He's one of the most high spirited pups in the pen.

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