Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kitten News

Check out what the kitten on the garden bench is doing - exactly what kittens and cats love to do, relax in the sun on a nice warm bench. In this case it was more than welcome, this little one has paralysed back legs. After a good sponge and cleanup, a session with the hair dryer to make him nice and dry and warm him up, he is given a gentle massage of the back legs and helped to stretch and move them. The biggest danger in such cases is the slow atrophy of the limb in question. Stretching and bending helps to keep the limb supple. Anyway, he has a nice time sitting on the bench, watching the world go by. He even attempts to wash himself clean.

The other two little spots you can see in the blue basket, are two tiny day old kittens in foster care. They have to always be kept warm and cosy and they make sure that they are in as comfortable a sleeping position as possible. The escape artist you can see is really hungry and making sure everyone knows it! Only three days old and he climbed that height in two seconds flat!!

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