Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Here is 'Ajo'

The model you see in the pictures is Ajo, whose loving Guardian Angel provided her with this attractive T shirt. Anyone who choses to be a GA for one of our resident dogs, provides comforts, lots of love, and a good amount of funding for the entire year to see to the chosen one's needs.
Ajo is wearing such an important message. There are so many great Indian dogs available for adoption. They are so intelligent with such strong constitutions, that they are a pleasure to look after. These are dogs that have been around on the Sub-Continent for thousands of years and have beautifully adapted to the environment and climatic conditions here. If you are thinking of adopting a truly great companion, an Indian dog is a really wise choice.
Besides, they come at no cost and are just waiting to enter your life and fill it up with boundless love and affection.

IDA Stall at Dog A Fair at Radio Club Colaba

The cute little yellow kiosk you see belongs to IDA India. Isn't it just great? It was set up at the Radio Club venue at the event 'Dog A Fair' and happily attracted a lot of people interested in finding out what IDA is all about. Manning the stall all day, for three days, until late into the evening were members of our staff and some very willing volunteers.

Our attractive new merchandise can be seen in the last picture. Most of the items went like hotcakes, and that is very good news for our four-legged friends! All proceeds go to making their lives as comfortable and happy as possible.

IDA India Jumble Sale

The Jumble Sale is one of our quarterly fund-raising events. Every little helps, as all the proceeds go towards the care of all the huge numbers of animals that we look after on a daily basis. The youngsters you can see are IDA volunteers who help out at our events. This sale took place in Bandra - the location is great! Where do all the items for sale come from? They are all donated by generous people like you! The next IDA Jumble Sale will be in about two months time, so don't forget. Besides volunteers we need lots and lots of visitors to make this type of fund raiser a success.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An IDA Biker at Deonar

This is for all you Jackie fans. This big boy is one cool dude. He got onto the bike of our Chief Vet Dr. Guruprasad at Deonar, and refused to get off!! He's one of the first to greet us whenever we visit the Centre and from his handsome face, one can tell he has a sense of humour! He's one of our big males at Deonar but he is extremely pleasant and unlike most of the heavy weights, is not into growling and fighting. But he is an alpha all right and one of our popular sponsored dogs.