Sunday, August 26, 2012

Check out Rani, one of our special dogs at Deonar. She doesn't like to be earthbound and every day makes her way up onto the roof of the ABC cages to take the breeze on the nice flat roof where she relaxes or roams about as she likes. How does she reach there? It's up a ladder which you can see in the picture! She comes down the ladder too, which is amazing. None of the other dogs will try this, so Rani can sit in solitary splendour in her favourite perch every day without any disturbance from the motley crew below!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Resident fat cats at Deonar have now started invading the puppy pen in large numbers as there are comfortable platforms to sleep on and snacks to be had when the puppies are fed. Their large enclosure has an opening in the roof for them to come out and stroll about the rooftops. Now they are so cool with the dogs and their surroundings, that they have descended to earth en mass and soon find the most congenial places in which to relax. One is the bonnet of the IDA Vans as the engine makes it nice and warm, in front of the kitchen as they like the good aromas of cooking food and also as you can see, in the Puppy Pen. All over the Centre, there i s no conflict at all between cat and dog and the same holds good in this Pen.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adult Rottweilers are fearsome looking with their muscular bodies, massive heads and piercing eyes. Our IDA India driver and wardboys had to rescue an abandoned Rottwieler a few days ago. He was carelessly left on a majoy road in Navi Mumbai and had been spotted running up and down in an agitated fashion. Even at the Centre, he was so upset that he snarled, leapt at anyone approaching and had to be housed in an empty to keep the other dogs safe. Our Asst Selvi was the only person who quietly went into his enclosure and made friends with him. She didn't tell anyone and it was high-risk, but she immediately bonded with this dog and it was a relief to all of us at the Centre, that he showed signs of trusting humans Also we were happy that after all he had been through, he had found a good friend. The pictures are testimoney to this amazing relationship and it will only be good for this abandoned dog.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our IDA India Volunteer team consisting of Priya, Prathamesh, Mandeep, Vandy and Karan, have been quietly working on the Cow Protection Project. this covers Temple Cows and cattle in Tabelas. They have been visiting many temples to try and figure out ways to help these exploited animals. They suffer from lack of water, they are tied for hours on end with a very short rope and they are exposed to the elements. During this period, the women who hire them for the day, make a lot of money. This business is illegal, but yhe BMC fine of Rs.300/- a month, is so paltry that they happily pay it, get back the confiscated cow and then it's business as usual. Priya and the group also located the main Incharge, a woman called Shanta, who organises this daily business and leases out 50 cows a day. This is only in two suburbs of Mumbai, so the business is really huge and very lucrative. The group has managed to persuade the Incharge to better the conditions of the animals, such as providing them with water, using a longer rope and also affording them some protection from the rain and sun. Priya and the group also visited Tabelas. These are very large enclosures for milch cattle. They found the staff to be secretive and later were told that some of the cattle were not licenced. Here they distributed leaflets in the local language on how to care for these animals and see to their welfare. The work is on-going and much to the benefit of the animals concerned.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It was a happy day for our Resident Cats today. One of their Sponsors came to visit them and brought them some tasty cat food. Today happens to be Friendship Day and after the good meal and all the petting, look who is doing some major bonding! These two were giving each other a good grooming and there was much purring all around. Don't miss madam sitting on the bonnet of one of our vans. She's quite okay on her own, thank you! Besides the engine is so nice and warm that this is a very pleasant place for any cat to relax on.

Friday, August 3, 2012

About two years ago, a young volunteer called Abby from the USA came to work at our Deonar Centre. She did some sterling work and while she was there, she spotted a small non-descript dog and decided that she wanted to adopt him. There was a problem as he had a bad hernia and Abby had to leave for the US. However, she was determined to adopt him and kept in touch until "Gunner" was completely healed. We helped her with the arrangements and at last, the little dog travelled by plane, all by himself to the USA. Now he lives with Abby, his brother Jack, a small dog, and his "sister", a horse named Queen. He runs like the wind and has become quite a heavy-weight. Now he has changed his name - it is "Raj". And just look at him sitting in a field in Oklahoma, he looks as if he is King of the World!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This tiny little charmer is the only survivor from a litter of 7 pups. Her mom died within hours of reaching IDA Deonar, and the pups were only 3 days old. They were taken into foster care, but she was the only one that thrived and has been growing very well. It is a sad thought re this little family. Some time ago the mother escaped the team that was trying to catch her for sterilisation. She then got pregnant and suffered through very harsh weather in Mumbai. She was very sick just after she delivered and so the pups were very weak too. This lovely little female is the Alpha pup. Usually in a litter there is one who has the best chance of survival, no matter what the odds. She has a tremendous appetite, is highly intelligent and has an acute sense of smell. She is also very very cute and has already been booked for adoption into a lovely family. So this little story will hopefully end happily for this great little pup.