Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This tiny little charmer is the only survivor from a litter of 7 pups. Her mom died within hours of reaching IDA Deonar, and the pups were only 3 days old. They were taken into foster care, but she was the only one that thrived and has been growing very well. It is a sad thought re this little family. Some time ago the mother escaped the team that was trying to catch her for sterilisation. She then got pregnant and suffered through very harsh weather in Mumbai. She was very sick just after she delivered and so the pups were very weak too. This lovely little female is the Alpha pup. Usually in a litter there is one who has the best chance of survival, no matter what the odds. She has a tremendous appetite, is highly intelligent and has an acute sense of smell. She is also very very cute and has already been booked for adoption into a lovely family. So this little story will hopefully end happily for this great little pup.


  1. cutie he is :)

    You guys are doing a gr8 job :)

    1. Thanks Tanuja. This actually is the most pleasant part of the job - taking care of such a cute pup. She's a girl and a really happy type.