Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Plight of Stray Pups A female was brought in almost two weeks ago to our Deonar Centre. She was seriously ill and had delivered 7 pups the day before. She died within 24 hours. Two little ones followed her within hours and the remaining five were whisked away into foster care. You can see this precious little bundle of pups in one of the pictures. The other picture is of the only one who is still alive. Inspite of our best efforts, these tiny creatures, deprived of their mother's presence and her precious milk, can almost never make it. The mother was a stray, living a difficult life on the roads. If she had been sterilised earlier, she might still be alive. She had to contend with the terrible heat that engulfed Mumbai for the entire Summer and she was pregnant with 7 pups! This is why all of us should actively participate in the ABC Programme. IDA India can't be everywhere. We need public intervention at least for locating the dogs, male or female, who are not operated. Meanwhile, this beautiful little female is still healthy, demands her food and finishes her bottle with great zest and energy. She might make it. She is the Alpha pup and there is always one in every litter, especially evident among stray pups. She opened her eyes yesterday - 10 days after she was born and she is simply lovely. Keep you updated.

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