Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Orphan Puppy Rascal

Meet Rascal, the biggest badmaash in the puppy pen although he happens to be the smallest puppy there! In the garden he turns into a veritable whirlwind and runs around attacking fallen leaves, little twigs and small bushes. He looks like a small thug. His front leg was a bit weak and shaky but all is well now and nothing can stop him. He tries to take on all the big guys in the puppy pen, just ignores the ones as small as him. But for all that, he is a real cutie pie, like all the rest of them. He had to be placed high up on the garden bench for the photo op otherwise his picture wouldn't be here!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Visitors From France

We had some visitors at Deonar on Thursday. They had come all the way from France and as they had already sponsored two of our dogs, they were keen to visit the Centre. They had a lot of trouble just trying to reach, but once there, they enjoyed the visit. They were first greeted by Balu, then Muffin andof course, Dr. Shashikant and myself were also there to do the honours.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kitten in Distress

The IDA India blog hasn't been updated for quite long as I was on vacation for some weeks. Back again now and on the first day of my return, work started in earnest. I heard loud calls of distress and went downstairs to investigate. Our buildings are being painted and a poor kitten had fallen into a bucket of paint. When I rescued her, the paint was quite dry so she must have fallen in a few days previously and also ingested some of the paint as cats lick themselves to get clean. Managed to remove some of the large swaths of paint by combing and then carefully cutting off the fur with scissors but she still has a lot of paint here and there. She is now in our Deonar Centre and the Vet's advice was to let her fur grow a bit and then cut off the remaining painted areas. Hope she makes it. She's a sweet little thing. If anyone wants to adopt her, please let us know!