Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crisil Staff Visit on 22nd May

It was a memorable Sunday, enjoyed by all of us at the Deonar Centre, animals included! The staff from Crisil Powai, had obtained a substantial grant for IDA India and had come to celebrate and work at the Centre on this day. Check out the group photo with all representatives present. All the wonderful goodies on the table, the plants seen in the foreground, the basins, the planters, were all purchased and generously donated for the good of all the animals at Deonar. Our pups got plenty of lovely toys as well.

Lots of hard work was done in the garden which is fast becoming a pleasant retreat for volunteers and dogs alike. Tiles were laid out to make a pretty path and you can see the youngest visitor trying one out. She is only two years old but enjoyed herself thoroughly. Her wonderful parents have seen to it that she loves animals already!
On the bench, three young volunteers are holding a group of lovely pups that had been dumped on the road in a cardboard box. One of them is on the ground, checking out the planting.

It was a really satisfying and happy day for all those present. Thanks to the care and generosity of these young people, who took time to visit and put in some hard labour as well, our animals will enjoy the benefits of this for quite some time to come.
Spending a good five hours at our Centre, these youngsters realised that strays and abandoned animals are innocent creatures who appreciate a safe and happy life and deserve our care and protection always.

IDA Centre Opens in Turbhe

It was towards to the end of the monsoon last year, that the IDA Vashi Centre was forced to close down. The building had developed cracks in walls and roof and was in danger of coming down. For nine long months, there has been very little activity re ABC operations and so on as no other Centre was available for use. 15th of May was a happy day for IDA as a temporary new Centre was made available for operations.

The inauguration took place on that day and operations started in right earnest on the 18th of May, you can see the very first operation taking place, in the picture above. Lots of catching up to do as until that day, the only IDA work that could be carried out was by means of its mobile van, plying around Navi Mumbai and attending to cases in different localities. The location of the Centre leaves much to be desired as it is in a highly polluted area, over an existing dump, and great care has to be taken to sanitize conditions for the animals to be treated. Anyway, it is a welcome re-start to all the hard work that went on for years at our small Vashi Centre.

Monday, May 16, 2011

One Tiny Heart Throb

She looked like a tiny bear cub when she was brought to Deonar Centre. This little pup had suffered a terrible forehead wound from ear to ear and just over both eyes. We quickly used a homeopathic mother tincture right across the wonded area. This has proved to be very effective for large wounds. In a matter of days, the wound had closed and slowly the tear began to shrink and become smaller and smaller.

From the third day, this little miss started running about the puppy pen and wagging her tail at chow time, running fast to get to her bowl. She had healed really well and then unfortunately, she developed kennel cough. She was only one month old so even though we placed her in foster care, she succumbed to this within a week.

Thought I'd share the pictures of this beautiful little creature with all of you. She was with us for a little under a month but she was handled with care and love, fed well and kept warm and comfortable. We lost her but can be consoled by the fact that she didn't die a miserable, lingering death on the road. She was with us till the end of her too short life.

In The Blind Dog Enclosure

This is a particularly heart-warming group of animals. Most of them are blind or otherwise badly handicapped or very old. They just can't exist by themselves on the road. You might wonder what they get out of being kept in an enclosure like this, not being able to see or run about swiftly like other dogs. At IDA we do our best to see that they feel safe and comfortable. They can't see, but their other senses work very well. They get the scent of visiting friends and are truly happy. They can "hear" all the action going on in the Centre and the sense that works best is the one of taste!
They really appreciate their meals and at the Centre, they don't have to worry where the next meal is coming from. We see that they are well fed. The enclosure is open and breezy and the overhead fans keep them cool. As you can see, the benches are nice to sit on also and each has their favourite place.

The brown fluffy dog is visiting for some treatment. She is very old but is quite agile and healthy and she has one blind eye. She's okay with one working eye and she has a loving family in a Society who sees to all her needs. After some treatment, she will go back as she can see and is also quite mobile. Enjoying her stay at Deonar by the time!