Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IDA Centre Opens in Turbhe

It was towards to the end of the monsoon last year, that the IDA Vashi Centre was forced to close down. The building had developed cracks in walls and roof and was in danger of coming down. For nine long months, there has been very little activity re ABC operations and so on as no other Centre was available for use. 15th of May was a happy day for IDA as a temporary new Centre was made available for operations.

The inauguration took place on that day and operations started in right earnest on the 18th of May, you can see the very first operation taking place, in the picture above. Lots of catching up to do as until that day, the only IDA work that could be carried out was by means of its mobile van, plying around Navi Mumbai and attending to cases in different localities. The location of the Centre leaves much to be desired as it is in a highly polluted area, over an existing dump, and great care has to be taken to sanitize conditions for the animals to be treated. Anyway, it is a welcome re-start to all the hard work that went on for years at our small Vashi Centre.

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