Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kittens and Puppies in Foster Care

IDA always has a high turnover of tinies - kittens and pups who have lost their mothers. It is really difficult to give them the high quality care they require at the Centre, so we try to find them foster homes for a short period of time - maybe one or two weeks. During that time, we try to find suitable homes for them. If we don't, they go back to the shelter when they are a little bigger and stronger.

At present IDA member Celine is looking after a small weak little pup - very delicate and sweet, Lina is looking after two of our small kittens and I myself have one very small pup. Its not difficult. In fact it's quite a pleasure to take care of them even if it's for a short time - they are given a chance of staying alive.

Anyone interested in this enjoyable work, please contact me on 9320056581. Next post - pics of the smallies in foster care.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rains Welcomed at IDA Deonar

We've had to suffer the heat for so long in Mumbai, that it was just great when we received a few showers of rain during the last few days. The sudden cooling down had a wonderful effect on the dogs and cats at IDA, some of the former were actually relaxing in the open, enjoying the falling rain!!
Bruno, one of the largest dogs and also one of the youngest (he's about 2), ran up and down as if he was practising for a football match and kept nipping and encouraging the other youngsters to play with him.
Glad it's cooled down. Our little ones in the puppy pen were so hot, their bodies were almost fevere-like to the touch and they had to be fed ice-cream now and then to cool them down.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Sad Goodbye to our Gajya and Snowy

Very sad news. We lost our two precious Sponsor dogs, Gajya and Snowy who passed away within a few days of each other. Both were quite old and had been at the Centre for many years. That's why many of us at IDA were terribly upset at the loss of these dear souls. Gajya was so quiet and sweet natured, everytime he caught someone's eye, he would smile shyly. Snowy on the other hand was quite a crosspatch, but we love the grumbly ones also. No distinctions at IDA and Snowy had been abandoned years before. He had every right to be grumbly. Both are laid to rest in the back area of IDA with saplings to mark the spot.
Goodbye Gajya, Goodbye Snowy. We love you and will always miss you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bathtime for Tippi

In this terrible heat, all the dogs would love to have a bath. We can only manage to bathe about two at a time, maybe along with one or two small pups. Here's Tippi, after his bath, getting a good rubdown by our young volunteer at IDA Deonar.
The lower picture shows another sweet little longtime Deonar resident Pixie. Read all about her adventures, soon to be posted on this site.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mr. Cheerful - Sponsor dog Lalu

One of the most good-natured dogs at the Centre, Lalu came there as a small pup. He had been dumped in a sack along with seven other puppies on the roadside in Powai. Fortunately, some kind person found the little ones and brought them to our Centre in Deonar. One pup was fat fluffy and black, and he got adopted right away. Lalu and his five sisters although pretty and blue-eyed, were not chosen for adoption. Slowly, Lalu lost his sisters one by one. He was the only pup to survive from the motherless litter. Now he is about four years old, robust, very healthy and quite charming as he always has a big smile on his face, specially when he has company! No surprise that he's turned out to be our most popular sponsor dog till date! He loves people but he gets a bit growly if any other dog comes by to be petted. He loves to be the centre of attention, that's our Lalu!

Our Dear Gajya, Sponsor Dog

This dear old boy was brought to IDA Deonar many years ago by Ms Goodicia Vaidya of IDA. He was brought from Bandra in a very bad state, treated at IDA and somehow, never went back. Gajya is very quiet and well behaved - no rowdy barking and chasing for him! His favourite place used to be the seat of a plastic chair in the office building. Later, as the number of permanent dogs at the Centre increased, poor Gajya was ousted from his chair. He now makes sure he's sitting comfortably under one of the trees or on the cool stone platform under the fan in front of the ABC rooms. He has the charming habit of catching one's eye and then smiling shyly. He is truly one of the sweetest dogs at IDA.