Monday, March 21, 2011

Working With Pups in the Garden

The garden is turning out to be a refuge from any type of interference when one is hard at work, giving a pup a nice combing or applying ointment via deep massage on another pup for a skin ailment. Try to do this anywhere else, and the whole gang will come pounding up to inspect what's going on.
Our young volunteers can work uninterrupted and complete whatever work they are doing to their satisfaction. Of course, the 'garden' hardly looks like an actual one. But it's early days yet. We put one dog at a time into this small space, just to rest or explore and they enjoy themselves pottering around checking our the plants, the grass, that's still looking sorry for itself, and the nice warm benches which are nice to sit on.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Pups are Works of Art!

This truly spectacular pup had us all very worried. she came in with a huge hernia on her tum. She was two months old, had the most beautiful coat and eyes and this horrible protubance. There's nothing much one can do about a hernia, except pray, and we did a bit of that as otherwise, she was blessed with the best of health and good-looks. Guess what? The hernia slowly disappeared until there was no trace left. She has since been scooped up by a loving family who are simply thrilled to have her. She's one of those boisterous, big, happy pups, who simply love life, hernia or no hernia.
The next little fellow has good reason to feel sorry for himself. He had a huge, horrible bite on one of his sides which had slowly become a maggot wound. He's perked up since he was rescued and brought into the Centre. This type of wound takes long to heal and is dangerous for a pup as it covers a major part of the small body.

Meet Our Sweet Little Paralysed Pups

Too many little ones come into the Centre with both back legs paralysed. This happens because of a dangerous habit they have of sleeping under parked rickshaws (or cars). The driver has a worse habit, that of never checking to see if any animal has taken shelter under the vehicle, looking for shade. The result is this. These are two of the most goodlooking pups in the pen and they were dragging their hind legs behind them when they came in.

But look what happens at IDA. The little white one (check out the picture below), has started using her hind legs again. Sometimes she even runs! This is the third successful case of curing our paralysed pups. Two others are running about outside the puppy pen now. We have started using homeopathic medicine for these cases, and it works very well. Here's hoping our handsome black pup (they don't come any handsomer!) will also regain the use of his back legs soon. In the last picture, you can see the fluffy white pup using her previously helpless back legs to stand up.

The Puppy Pen is Cool!

The heat is so fierce this month, that the coolest place in the Puppy Pen is the exact centre of the enclosure. It's the centre point between four fans and the stone flooring is smooth and comfy, not to mention cool. A little mandatory playing and then it is flop onto the floor and have a nap. If there's a full water bowl around, have one sip and then splash all the water on the floor. Next step: all fall down and go to sleep, that is until the next meal comes around or something really interesting happens.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pups Need Protection

These pictures show exactly why we have to be so careful of our precious little wards. The first shows a large pup with severe gastro, sleeping soundly and peacefully in his small enclosure. He's very comfortable and is receiving regular medication and he likes it that way! In the second picture, you can see a very tiny pup who has dislocated back legs. This poor little mite must have been hit by the wheel of some vehicle. When he arrived he was covered in black mud and had to be carefully bathed. As soon as he was nice and clean, the tiny tail started wagging. No crying in pain for this little guy! He is being given extra special TLC, medication and enjoys his food - Royal Canine for tinies. He's out of his small enclosure to get some exercise, even though he can only wiggle along on his tum. Probably he won't make it, but as long as he is in our care, he gets the best treatment possible.
The five infants have been put in a box for a photo op. They had come in with their mother - she had been biting anyone going near them. She had a very badly damaged ear. Perhaps someone had whacked her. She died after some days, poor thing. Why can't the public learn to just leave a mother and her pups alone? All she wants to do (and she does it very efficiently), is to see that her little ones are safe and protected by her. Now the five have to be hand-fed but they are doing quite well. It's very difficult to keep such small pups alive, but we do our best.
The signs you can see in the last picture are specifically prepared to try and keep the puppy pen as sanitized and free from germs as possible. These little ones are housed in the middle of hundreds of other dogs (and cats) and every little effort helps.
We try to limit the number of people entering the puppy pen also to keep dust and other contaminants out of the enclosure. It's working. Most of them are thriving and enjoying their stay, no matter what condition they are in.

Coping With the Heat at Deonar

Got some pics of big boy Bruno, Keano and our sweet little Pommy relaxing on a very hot day at IDA Deonar. Bruno and Keano are making good use of the laadi benches, donated to us by one of our kind supporters. These benches are placed along a verandah which runs along the front of five holding rooms for dogs who are brought in for the ABC operation.

Our resident Sponsor dogs, however, get to take it easy and lounge about outside, and this is the location they love. There are fans fixed along the verandah, also they have a good vantage point for watching the world go by and relaxing until it's the next mealtime.

But take a look at Pommy. She loves nothing better than to roll and stretch out in the dust! This, in spite of the fact that she is a very fluffy dog. Doesn't she look comfortable? With her huge shining brown eyes, soft coat and sweet smiling face, Pom is one of our most popular Sponsor dogs. She puts that smile to good use when her Sponsors come to visit her.

One Handsome Patient

This good looking pup came in with a severe case of Gastro. He was found on a railway station. Who knows what he had to eat or if he had any source of water. Plus being handsome as ever, he has a shape like a dachshund! Very sweet natured too. He responded very well to treatment and was soon put on a normal healthy diet and started wagging his tail to show his appreciation!
He has another small problem. Due to calcium deficiency, his front paws are extremely weak at the ankles. Hope we can help. He's a real charmer.

Maggie T-Pup Finds a Home

She was one of the naughtiest pups we ever fostered but also one of the most charming. Don't be misled by the innocent face. Maggi T Pup is a little devil! Now where could such a pup be placed?
She's got the perfect home. Maggi's at a church. You can see her in the pictures with her new adoptive parent - Father is the Parish Priest of this church and asked for a puppy. Mag has a lovely companion - a mature male mongrel who instantly started running about and playing with her as soon as she arrived at the Church.

They have a safe, secure playground and plenty of greenery around. Father is very knowledgable about dogs and took an instant liking to Maggi. He is also caring for an abandoned Rottweiller!! No problem. Maggi made friends with him too!