Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pups Need Protection

These pictures show exactly why we have to be so careful of our precious little wards. The first shows a large pup with severe gastro, sleeping soundly and peacefully in his small enclosure. He's very comfortable and is receiving regular medication and he likes it that way! In the second picture, you can see a very tiny pup who has dislocated back legs. This poor little mite must have been hit by the wheel of some vehicle. When he arrived he was covered in black mud and had to be carefully bathed. As soon as he was nice and clean, the tiny tail started wagging. No crying in pain for this little guy! He is being given extra special TLC, medication and enjoys his food - Royal Canine for tinies. He's out of his small enclosure to get some exercise, even though he can only wiggle along on his tum. Probably he won't make it, but as long as he is in our care, he gets the best treatment possible.
The five infants have been put in a box for a photo op. They had come in with their mother - she had been biting anyone going near them. She had a very badly damaged ear. Perhaps someone had whacked her. She died after some days, poor thing. Why can't the public learn to just leave a mother and her pups alone? All she wants to do (and she does it very efficiently), is to see that her little ones are safe and protected by her. Now the five have to be hand-fed but they are doing quite well. It's very difficult to keep such small pups alive, but we do our best.
The signs you can see in the last picture are specifically prepared to try and keep the puppy pen as sanitized and free from germs as possible. These little ones are housed in the middle of hundreds of other dogs (and cats) and every little effort helps.
We try to limit the number of people entering the puppy pen also to keep dust and other contaminants out of the enclosure. It's working. Most of them are thriving and enjoying their stay, no matter what condition they are in.

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