Friday, October 30, 2009

Little Angels Turn Attack Dogs!

Have you ever seen such sweet innocent faces? They are brother and sister and are at present at our Deonar Centre. Now, check out that second picture! It's such fun to find a shoe, attack, grab and play with it, especially when somebody's foot is still inside!! Now that is a challenge!
Maybe with a two-pronged attack they will manage to get it off and run away!

A Blissful Moment

It's not too bad being confined for a week at IDA even if all of us are waiting to be operated! After it's over, the food is good, the company's not bad - we all just laze around in comfort. But the best moment is when a kind visitor notices that some of us are quite friendly. Then it's relaxing time up close and personal near the bars, paws crossed, eyes closed, being rubbed lovingly behind the ear. Pure bliss!!!

I'm the King of the IDA Deonar Castle!

Meet Manya, the fat cat who reigns supreme at IDA Deonar. He's one cool customer and lords it over all and sundry. The latter being all the shelter dogs who roam free on the premises. All these tough guys treat Manya with a great deal of respect. He's the IDA office companion cat and all us humans are very willing to provide him with a comfortable lap to sit on when he feels like it. He strolls about the office building, completely at ease among the dogs relaxing on the premises. Here he is with Senior Wardboy Ranjith, who like all the rest of us, has been trained by Manya to give him a glorious neck rub!

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Chow Time!

This is one of the favourite times at the Deonar Centre. Don't miss the neat and orderly lines!

The wardboys stand quietly on the sidelines just in case. But usually all the dogs are quite content to put their heads down and get on with it. In the second and third picture, you can see our beautiful blind dog Helen. She's the only blind dog who strolls about with all the sighted ones and she has her meals alongside all the others also. Later on, she will tiptoe delicately about the premises, until she reaches one of her favourite spots where she settles down for a nap.

Appu is in the last pic. She's a tiny little thing and you can see why. She's only finished the milk in the bowl and left all the rest!

Newly Renovated Office at Deonar

Check out the newly renovated office at IDA Deonar! Manager Krishna is in front of the new flexi-board that is delight to the eye. In the next picture, you can see our Senior Vet Dr. Guruprasad sitting beside Prashant who mans the help-line all day.