Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adopt a Pet Day at IDA Deonar

27th June was "Adopt a Pet" day as we were hoping that some of our great little pups, kittens (and mature dogs) would find a good home. In spite of the heavy rain, quite a few people turned up and the little ones had a nice time being petted by all present. With all the attention, most of them got so exhausted that they fell into a deep sleep.
Even though none of them got adopted, they enjoyed meeting so many people and socializing, which is very good for both animals and humans.
Our IDA merchandise as usual was very eye- catching, and all those who managed to come, bought something too. That was just great, as every penny we make goes to helping our animals more comfortable and well looked after.

At Play Before the Function

Watch these escape artists at work! At our Adopt a Pet venue, these little ones crossed all barriers to go from one part of the room where we having our programme, to the other side of the 'fence', where all our IDA merchandise was displayed.
There were seven pups in all, waiting for our guests to arrive. Among the visitors, were five lovely kittens who stayed out of harm's way, perched up on our long table. One by one the pups and kittens were swooped up to be petted and cuddled as each person arrived. That's all our little ones expect and enjoy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

IDA India Goes to College !

Sophia College Mumbai is celebrating the year of bio-diversity and this week the focus was on Indian mongrels. IDA India was invited to put up the IDA stall and our dogs and pups were taken along to the function, to give a 'demo'. Students were allowed to take along their animal companions to college and in one picture you can see Selvi enjoying the company of a Cockatoo!
Lalu our popular Sponsor dog went along for fun. Also at the function was one of our sweet three legged dogs, a lovely half grown pup (she's full white with brown speckles, like raindrops down her front legs) and the little one you can see in the last picture. Yes, she's fast asleep! The girls were so overjoyed to see her and cuddle her, that she soon grew weary of their attentions and solved the problem by going fast asleep!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Guests at IDA Deonar

We have a total of seven of these wonderful little pups at IDA, one litter of three and the other of four pups. They have lost their mothers, and we are their guardians until somebody takes them home. Aparna, holding the first group of three works at the Centre. She has the special duty of looking after all the young ones, whether puppies or kittens.

One of our IDA members is holding two pups. It's nice to visit Deonar, you get to babysit and play with the youngest inmates, give them a bath sometimes or help feed them. Don't miss the three exploring - the rain had just stopped, so the wet ground has very interesting aromas for those with sensitive noses, sniffing around.

Two of Our Great Sponsor Dogs

Lalu on the bench, is one of the most pleasant dogs you can hope to meet. He's one of our 'smilers' and he means it with all his heart! It's wonderful to be greeted by him as the welcome is accompanied by a big smile and glowing eyes full of joy at meeting you. The monsoon has started, but there was a lull in the rain. It's nice and cool, so Lalu posed for us on one of the stone benches at the Centre.

Little Balu is in the second picture. Isn't he good looking? He's got wise eyes and a cool, laid back attitude to life. Actually he's handicapped - he lost part of a hind foot when he was a pup, that's why he came to us at Deonar. But he's just beautiful and full of life and another of our good-lookers. He too loves company from the outside world, like all our resident dogs.

Meeting visitors makes life more interesting for them.

Come and meet them sometime. You are very welcome and your visit will definitely be appreciated!

Monday, June 21, 2010

IDA at St. Anthoney Church Feast

Cinderella, one of our Volunteers, helped us to put up a stall in the church premises on the Feast Day of St.Anthoney's Church. Among the other attractive food and games stalls, ours was the only NGO stall and attracted a good amount of interest.
All present bought some of our merchandise to support the cause of animal welfare. But the high moment came when our IDA team was given a chance to address the parishioners and speak about our work. The team in turn was thanked by the church community for coming there. It was on the whole a very pleasant morning, well spent and certainly helped the cause of animal welfare.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Startling Happy Event at IDA Deonar

This one year old female was taken to Deonar as soon as her single two month old kitten got adopted. Her tum looked a bit strange, as it was a bit distended and uncomfortable looking. For a day and a half, we were all puzzled. Then on the 11th of June, she gave birth to seven kittens!!! This is probably a record. Mother and babies are doing quite well except that the latter are about the size of large new-born rats!
Let's hope all of them make it and grow in a healthy fashion and find good homes. As for Mom, she's very proud of all of them, thank you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can Anybody Give Me a Home?

This little girl is so sweet, affectionate and eager for company that one wonders how anyone could have 'lost' her or worse still, abandoned her. Anyway, now she is with us at our Deonar Centre, when she really should be part of a family, safe and sound in her own home.
We have found that people give up their animal companions for the most ridiculous reason, that too, after making a commitment to look after them for the rest of their very short lives.
Any problem in case of a living creature who depends on you is solvable, just ask us. Before you even think of giving away your innocent companion, think twice or three times. The consequences are horrendous for the animal concerned. At our shelter we see this all too often.; a traumatized and sad creature with a hopeless, anxious look in it's eyes, desperately waiting for it's beloved family to come and take it home again.
This beautiful little dog is up for adoption. She needs love and care, that's all. What you get in return is the pure and simple happiness that comes from looking after an animal that just loves you and depends on you for the short duration of its life.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Relaxing at IDA Deonar

Sometimes it's nice to be confined in a place where you know you are safe. The first dog was in a deep comfortable sleep all through the function on 5th June which was held at our Centre. He's in the 'Holding Pen' for new dogs and will be sterilized after a few days. He's completely relaxed as most of our guests are, knowing that he will come to no harm, he will get good food for the time he is here, and the rooms are cool and comfortable as we can make them. He remained fast asleep in this position for hours!

In the second picture, you can see one of our resident dogs, Blacky. She's curled up on a chair in the second row, again on the day of our function celebrating World Environment Day. She sstayed like this throughout the entire procedure of welcoming the Chief Guest, who sat in the row in front of her, while we went around planting saplings, had refreshments and said good-bye to all our guests. Talk about getting comfortable!!

Celebrating World Environment Day at IDA Deonar

The pictures say it all.
We had real fun at our Tree Plantation Drive on 5th June. Our Chief Guest planted a fabulous coconut sapling and all the other guests got busy, digging and carefully placing various plants all around the Centre. Check out the first queue that formed along the side of the 'snack' table. Lalu's first in line, followed by Choco. It was a nice try!
Our Centre looked just wonderful and all our lovely animals were the main attraction. Our guests stayed quite a long time enjoying refreshments, checking out our great IDA merchandise and bonding with the cats, dogs and pups.

Welcoming Committee on 5th June at IDA

The stone bench in front of the IDA Office in Deonar, is Prema's favourite place of all. She's such a tall dog, that she finds it very comfortable to stretch out and sleep on this bench throughout the day, except for meal times.
The day we held a function - a Tree Plantation Drive on World Environment Day at Deonar, Prema was joined by Manya, our fat cat, who lords it around the place. The only 'pet' cat at the Centre, he freely goes where he wants and sits wherever he's comfortable. All our guests and visitors on the 5th, found this togetherness highly amusing. If any of the other big dogs venture too close, Manya is always ready with his paw and claws, to keep them in their place!
Prema's okay though, as she is one of the sweetest natured dogs around.