Saturday, May 18, 2013

Want to apologize as I couldn't access the blog for some time due to technical reasons. So here goes, back again and posting once more. The other day, the Founder of IDA india, Ms Sudnya Patkar visited the Deonar Centre. She is the person responsible for starting this organisation 17 + years ago and thanks to her hard work, persistance and courage, our organisation is what it is today. We have managed over the long years to benefit, treat and care for countless animals, reach out to the public in as many ways as possible to spread awareness and the concept of compassion and kindness towards all living creatures and to try an prevent any form of cruelty. We have done all this under Sudnya's guidance. Here she is outside the Blind Ward at Deonar, talking to our Vet Dr Nitin, and all the old, blind dogs present.

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