Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Little Ones With Moms

Recently a batch of dogs were rescued and brought in to our Deonar Centre. Some criminal had thrown boiling water on them and some of the dogs were badly burnt. The white mother you can see in the picture, was one of them, and she had 4 little ones with her. She had a huge wound about 12 inches across on her back. It has healed very well with care and treatment and you can see the small injury that is still left. Of her 4 pups, two passed away after catching infections, one was fostered and the little one you can see is still with her and happy to be with his mom. The black dog also came in with 6 pups and now has only one left who she looks after very carefully. It is sad when pups die and these two mothers were not operated and had to suffer the loss of their little ones. The only consolation is that, in our care, they are happy and content for the rest of their short lives. They are fed and housed and petted and even manage to play with each other while the going is good. After all, they are just normal, happy-go-lucky little puppies. These were lucky enough to have their moms around.

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