Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look Who Was Left Outside our Gate!

This beautiful boy was found outside our gate at Deonar. As usual, someone had dumped their unwanted pet as he had developed medical problems. This little chap couldn't walk. All his legs had stopped functioning.
Anyway, our doctors got to work with medicines and heat treatment and in two weeks there he is - standing straight and whenever he gets a chance, bouncing around!!!
What about his collapsed legs? All he required was a little patient medical treatment, lots of love and an enthusiastic group of IDA admirers urging him to walk. He would get so excited when he saw any of us approaching, he would make every effort to get up.
The sad person who abandoned him has lost a truly sweet companion. As for the doggy himself, he has now found his true home with a really caring person and best of all, he has another spaniel for company as well.


  1. I had been to the IDA centre at Deonar n had the privilage to play with his loving dog...He was kinda adamant on me coming inside the enclosure he was in..but within a few seconds,he seemed happy and joyous that someone had come 2 play with him...

  2. Yes, he has such a lovely nature and we are very glad he got adopted by a really caring person.