Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sami and Onni Sleeping

It's still very cold in Finland, and Sami, the IDA pup who was adopted in Mumbai and now resides in Helsinki, loves to have a nap on the comfy armchairs ( he does have his own basket as well). Sami looks a real fashionplate in his hand knitted wooly coat and he likes to wear it indoors. In the first picture he's sleeping with his toy reindeer and his big brother Onni is very comfortable in his basket with all the toys that belong to him! His guardian tells us that Onni loves to rearrange all the little toys in his basket, to his liking, and then he makes himself comfortable among them and takes a nap. A bit crowded, but that's the way he likes it!!
Sami's naughty. He just loves to stretch out on the armchairs meant for the human residents!
But doesn't he look sweet??!

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