Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Latest Addition

Ginger is a marvelous little chap. He's safe in a foster home until he gets adopted and is showing every sign of his high intelligence.

His small world revolves around that milk bottle - every four hours. He drinks with the gusto of a baby buffaloe! In between he naps or plays with his make believe siblings - rolled up socks. He doesn't howl and cry at all when he is awake, but sits quietly, absolutely alert. Any small movement makes him raise his head to check out if anything interesting is happening. He is allowed out to run about and play in an open area about three times a day for about twenty minutes. This makes him nice and exhausted and then he goes into a sound sleep.

But he's good because he is kept partially confined and is fine with that. He is about one and a half months old and has a tail that is about half an inch long. He enjoys excellent health and is now in the process of getting ready to be adopted. Way to go, Ginger!

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