Friday, July 1, 2011

The Moon Bear Rescue Centre China

What you are looking at are pictures of bears, rescued from Chinese bear bile farms. This trade is easily one of the most cruel and hideous trades on earth. The founder of Animals Asia and the person who was instrumental in building this truly wonderful rescue centre, is Jill Robinson. Over a decade ago, she came across a bear on one of these farms. These animals are kept in body size cages, unable to move in any direction, or even sit or stand up. They are then'milked" through a metal tube which simply pierces their abdomen, for their bile, used in traditional Chinese medicine. Some of them have been kept like this for 30 years, without any succour or release.

Jill went into action and started rescuing these bears. She and her team have rescued hundreds, brought them to the Centre, tried their best to bring them back to some semblance of normal life. Some of the bears are too badly injured to survive, many have cancers, bad teeth and on and on and on. At the rescue Centre, all they get is love, the best treatment possible and a chance at a normal bear's simple happy and comfortable life.

The surroundings are so beautiful and every aspect is calculated to enrich the lives of these sad and broken creatures. The result is, many of them have started enjoying themselves. We watched two of them wrestling. Two plump giants having a whale of a time. Some of these bears are 7 feet tall. It takes most of the bears about one year to come out of the shock and trauma of what they have been through. Then the healing can really start.

There are 10,000 bears at present in China being milked for their bile. Jill is making continuous efforts involving Chinese Govt officials to try and stop this torture of these precious animals.
We were left in awe of all the efforts she had made and the wonderful successes she has enjoyed uptill now working tirelessly to rescue as many bears as she can from these wretched so-called farms.

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