Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meet Our Animals : IDA Event on 9th October

We do such a variety of work at IDA Deonar with different animals, that we thought we would invite the public in on Sunday 9th October to showcase some of that work. In the first pic you can see a couple of our smallest patients. These two were born on a construction site and lost their mother. One of them has been adopted a week after this function was held and is in a safe loving home - our ultimate goal for all our little ones. Other infants come in because of broken limbs, bites, paralysis and other sad afflictions. We are happy to say that most of them reach that happily running around the puppy pen stage, even if they don't get adopted.
The rest of our work covers firstly the ABC operations of about 800 stray dogs a month. Mrs. Patkar, spoke about this major field of work for which the Centre exists. Besides this, we care for about 30 blind and handicapped dogs, our maggot wound dogs - the gladiators of the dog world who have to spend about 2 to 3 months with us until they are fully healed, accident cases, abandoned dogs, and finally our resident dogs - about 80 of them and resident cats.
In the picture below, you can see our Chief Guest, Inspector Chaudhary of Deonar Police Station handing over a gift and commendation letter to one of our Best Volunteers of 2011, Ms Manisha Nanda, who works tirelessly for all types of animals.
The second person to get this award was Ms Madhu Roy. What would we do without these wonderful volunteers?
Another honoured guest was Advocate Ashok Shahani who is always there to guide us in legal matters and is one of our staunch supporters. Will post a few pics later of the other guests and our "demo" dogs and cat and also our great audience who hopefully enjoyed themselves.

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