Monday, November 7, 2011

Young Volunteers at Work : Deonar

There was plenty of help at IDA Deonar on Friday and Sunday and the young animals had a nice time being bathed, groomed and then getting nice and warm, sitting on the garden bench.
Pathir and Manoshri saw to the tiny pups, one of whom just needed to be held. that's a wonderful benefit to the infant, in itself, feeling the warmth of another living being. The two kittens in the first picture are beautiful but both of them have paralysed back legs. They are given a vigorous 'half' bath during which the hind quarters are massaged and well washed. This helps their stomachs to work a bit, as there is no natural movement whatsoever in the lower half of their bodies. Then they are dried and placed on the hot garden bench in the sun. They enjoy this and it really helps them to warm up. They often take a dive off the bench. These kittens are surprisingly agile! We take care to see that there are no big dogs around.
Our other volunteer, Sayanthani works during the week and spends some of her Sunday holiday helping out at the Centre. That's devotion for you! After doing a lot of other work, you can see her encouraging the puppies to play in the puppy pen.
Look closely at the last picture and look who is sharing the bench with the two volunteers and the pups - the little paralysed kitten!

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