Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Nice to Have a Friend

Thought it was that time of year to show all of you more pics of our resident dogs. Most of these guys (and girls) are here because they had been declared aggressive. See what happens when they get to meet caring members of the human race. They are absolutely socialised and friendly. Balu in the first picture is enjoying his session with Asst Selvi. He's a dear little dog with a back foot missing. This doesn't stop him rushing to where the action is!
Keeno is happy to sit with her friend, one of our younger wardboys who fits in very well at our Centre. Our Senior Wardboy is indulging Sanju with a tummy scratch and Bruno our big boy is always happy to bond with whoever is close by.
Last of all, is old Bharat, who is a little unwell because of the cold. He can't see from one eye but he looks as if he is enjoying the company of his young friend on the bench in the blind ward.

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