Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Group Visit to Deonar Centre

It is truly amazing how many youngsters make time to visit our Deonar Centre. This group comprised students from different Institutes who came to Deonar for a Career Orientation Programme organised by skyKpaar. They were brought by a wonderful young couple who are totally engaged in social welfare activism, Monica and Chintan.
The students have been taken to different Companies and Organisations to widen their horizons and make them more socially aware.
They seemed to enjoy their visit to Deonar, explored the place and asked pertinant questions. One enlightening moment they experienced came when they were surprised to see on of our fat cats, casually sitting and cleaning himself in an exposed position, between our wandering Centre dogs who were quite okay with his presence.
A small lesson in how easy it is to get on with other species.

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