Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lions Club of Juhu Waves Visit to Deonar

On Saturday 6th October, the President, Vice President and Treasurer of Lions Club of Juhu, visited our Centre along with Poonam Jaikar, our hard-working IDA India supporter and also member of the Lions Club. They enjoyed the visit, even though they came from very far away - Juhu to Deonar is a very long drive! They particularly liked inspecting our kitchen where meals are prepared for over 500 animals, the blind and handicapped ward, the Puppy Pen and the Cat Ward. You can see Poonam with one of our puppy patients, sitting along with the others outside our small garden. Sunaina, our volunteer turned up to help out and she did some wonderful work. You can see her standing in the "garden" photo. What would we do without our volunteers? God bless them all, especially the ones who turn up!


  1. That was great. :)
    Some day I will also visit and meet you people. You are inspirational.

  2. You are very welcome Tanuja. Actually working with all these animals is such a pleasure that it doesn't seem like work.