Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yes, We are all up for Adoption

In the first picture, you can see a lovely little female with a pleasant nature. She has a pretty coloured coat as well and is just the correct age to go to a new home.
All the other pups are three brothers and their little sister. She's really little! They are in such great shape because they came along with their mum to the Deonar Centre. They were about two weeks old when they came in and now they are about one and a half months old. Their mum has done a wonderful job and they are just bursting with health and energy. One has already been adopted. He's the little guy sitting higher up in the last picture. He has one large black spot on his back.
The alpha pup can be seen with his little sister and alone in another picture. He already reminds one of an old soul: looks so wise and centred. He will be a really wonderful companion for anyone lucky enough to choose him.
They are still in the care of their wonderful mother who has really done a great job taking care of them all on her own. We didn't interfere at all except to feed her well, and it worked.
She has brought up a set of very healthy and appealing pups.

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