Monday, October 4, 2010

IDA Pups Sharmili and Masti

Brown and white Sharmili has the sweetest nature. Every time a smaller pup is brought into the puppy enclosure, she rushes to check it out, then gives it a good wash, gently licking the little face with her tongue. She has lovely velvet black eyes and a smiling face.
Masti lives up to his name! He's a devil in disguise and is up to mischief all the time. He was rescued at the height of the monsoon as a tiny pup. He had a maggot wound because he had been living in the open along with his mother and brother and getting wet all the time. He was fostered and bounced back to his present good health. That's all it took. A little love and care and plenty to eat! And now for the best news. Masti has just been adopted! That's all that we are waiting for - a good home for each of the wonderful animals that are presently in our care.

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