Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Accenture Group Visit to Deonar

We had a really large gathering in Deonar on this visit on Saturday, 25th Feb; forty in all. They toured the Centre, examining all our guests in the various enclosures, sat patiently through speeches about helping animals and what IDA India is all about, and then they enjoyed the best part, mingling with the cats, dogs, pups and kittens.
The pictures say it all. Is there any greater feeling than a small pup trying to lick your face? Check out the visitors to the blind and handicapped ward. The dogs loved them and made friends straight away, standing in line to be petted.
Some visitors enjoyed bathing a few of the dogs, and Lalu, our smiling poster boy, was ever ready to be "walked" on a leash!
You can see the whole group in the lovely picture, including some of our nosey parker doggies who love to get in the frame as well.

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