Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sara Fully Recovered

Remember Sara? She came to our Centre in a state of complete collapse. She was in the last stages of life. She was also accompanied by three tiny pups - her own! She had met with a horrific railway accident in which she had lost a major part of her front leg. The worst part of it was that the injury looked very old. Who knows what this dog suffered until she reached our Centre? Hard to even imagine.
The staff was so concerned for her that she got all the TLC, nutrition and medical treatment she required to get well enough for her operation. The front leg had to be amputated and when she had recovered enough, the op was completed.
We were quite nervous to see how she would recover from the operation itself, but Sara is one strong dog. She has bounced back. The wound is completely healed and she moves around the Centre with the greatest of ease. From the pictures, you can see what an exceptional dog she is. She is just beautiful, you never saw such eyes. She is also elegant and strong after her terrible ordeal. It is a pleasure to take care of all her needs. Her one surviving pup, Jojo is doing well also. At present he is in foster care.

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