Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Adventures of Pixie

This sweet little dog is not as weak and timid as she looks. One memorable day, Pixie slipped under the gate at our IDA Deonar Centre and disappeared! This was a truly traumatic time for all concerned at IDA because this was a little dog who really appeared to be helpless and incapable of surviving even a day on the dangerous roads of Mumbai. Where would she go? What would she eat or drink? How would she escape being knocked down and run over by the heavy stream of traffic that thundered up and down the nearby highways and roads?
Many a quiet tear was shed and many prayers were whispered for Pixie's safety and return. We scoured the neighbourhood, told all nearby watchmen and urchins to look out for her. But Pixie could not be found. To make things worse, she had a lame leg, a bad skin infection around her eyes and covering her ears and a very weak constitution.
Two weeks passed and we were trying to reconcile ourselves to the fact that she was gone forever, when one evening I received an excited phone call. Pixie had been found! One of our exployees, Dipti, was in a rickshaw passing by the Diamond Garden in Chembur. She spotted a familiar looking 'pom' sitting on the opposite pavement. When she went to check, she found it was our dear Pixie, covered in grime and mud but apparently happy and healthy! She was picked up and rushed back to the Centre and effusively welcomed. In two weeks, Pixie had managed to travel about 5 to 6 kilometres away from the Centre and stay alive and well!
The adventure must have given Pixie's immune system a good boost. After this, her ears healed and the infection around her eyes almost disappeared. In fact, today, Pixie is bright-eyed and bushy- tailed - she has virtually turned into a miniature Alpha Dog at IDA.
Long ago this little dog was found abandoned on some road because she was lame and had a skin infection. Now she is one of the favourite dogs at IDA; this adventurous little pom we called Pixie.

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