Monday, July 6, 2009

Looking for Foster Homes

The few days it was raining cats and dogs in Mumbai, at IDA Deonar, it was raining puppies and kittens!! Two basketfuls of kittens arrived on Saturday, brought by a well meaning volunteer. To keep them in some semblence of health, they have to be whisked away from all the other large animals who have come in for treatment or their operations. This is easier said than done! Where do we whisk them away to? Only one of them really needed daily medical attention as it was partially paralysed, but the others were normal, healthy and pretty little kittens, so we had to divi them up - two went to one home and three to another, and yes, both are 'IDA' employee/member homes.

Still looking out anxiously for all those potential foster parents out there. (We know you are out there!) Having always, or anyway, most of the time, had a little one in my own home, I can guarantee it's no big deal- in fact 2 kittens together can be the most entertaining couple you've ever seen. They sleep in a cozy ball in a small basket. Eat and play together with anything you provide, like a paper ball or a rolled up sock, then sit in your lap and start their purring motors as soon as they are warm enough. Altogether a delightful experience for all concerned. The best thing is, it is for a temporary period - we keep looking for suitable homes for them while they are safe and secure in a foster home. Try it sometime, you won't regret it at all.

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