Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meet the Foster Puppy and Kittens

The little pup in foster care is about one month old. About ten days ago, he was rescued from two kids, at the side of a main road full of traffic. The children were tossing him up and down like a little ball and there was no sign of his siblings or his mother.
He's safe and secure now. Has a very healthy appetite for Cerelac and his behaviour is impeccable. He doesn't cry or whine but sits quietly waiting for his next meal or lies in his basket fast asleep. He has a small cloth bunny, which is bigger than him, and plays 'attack' and 'pull the bunny about' for about 10 minutes after each meal. Only problem is, he wets a lot on the sheets of newspaper provided for 'going', but that's okay, he's just a baby.
The three little kittens are very fond of sleeping! They eat by themselves, can lap milk and eat solids and are very fastidious about going to the toilet. They have a little tray with soil which they use when required.
We always have a lot of these little ones at the IDA Centres and the best thing for their health and welfare is to get them temporarily into a foster home while we look for permanent homes for each one.

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