Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the IDA Garden

This is exactly what this little space was made for. Don't miss our young volunteers pampering the young and the old comfortably on one of the benches. We also bring the pups from the nearby puppy pen into the open to enjoy the sun. In the last picture you can see one of our oldies getting his dose of Vit D and enjoying the warmth.

Of course our garden doesn't look much like a garden at all yet but we are very optimistic. We hope it can only get better and slowly become a green refuge in the not too distant future. Wish us luck and watch this (garden) space!


  1. do u have old pets for adoption?

  2. HI Shobha. We always have mature, old and elderly animals all waiting for good homes. To enquire about any type of adoption at IDA Deonar you can contact Selvi on 9320056595

  3. thanku for ur reply :)

    Jesus bless.