Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Girl Lost

She was one of the best looking pups in the puppy pen.
A very large pup, she had a magnificent black coat with lovely colouring around the head, ears and her legs. Her eyes were a beautiful tiger yellow. I'm speaking of her in the past tense because we've lost her. This great little pup was paralysed. Her back legs had stopped working altogether. She was probably lying under a vehicle on some road when it started and ran over her, injuring her spine and back.

This handicap did not stop her enthusiastic approach to life. Every time there was "company" in the puppy pen, she would come racing, dragging her helpless hind legs behind her. Every time food showed up, she would show the same enthusiasm. She loved to be cuddled and we were quite willing to oblige, she was such a bundle.
But now she is gone and this small piece is just a way of remembering this dear little soul who loved life and humans. It was a pleasure knowing her and taking care of her for the short time she was with us.

Just a foot note in memory of her: If you ever consider fostering a handicapped animal, just go for it. They are as joyous, happy and loving as any other animal that may come into one's life.


  1. feels so sad to know about this little baby :-(

  2. I know. She was really a spectacular pup, eyes shining with intelligence and interest. Life in this city is just too hard and cruel for most of these little ones.