Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet Maggi T-Pup

This sweet little girl is in foster care. She's got a double barrel name for a reason. Maggi is as fierce as a T Rex when it comes to chasing a passing pair of pyjamas or jeans! Hangs on with her little teeth (playfully). She also loves tea. Everytime tea is served, she comes running and reminds you that she would like some too.
She has a special small cup which contains 4 teaspoons of the beverage and she loves to lap it up after it has been cooled a bit.

Maggi is a very courageous and smart little pup. She doesn't cringe or cry when the older dogs in the house "shout" at her. She was found on a road in
Dharavi by a kind young lady who rescued her. She had to be rescued. A man was beating this little thing with a stick for some unknown reason! She's safe and sound now and waiting to be adopted by anyone who would like the privilege of having her as a companion at home.

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